A future grandmother recently wrote to Lisa Belkin, blogger of the New York Times' Motherlode blog, sharing her worries over her daughter's antepartum depression.

She was seeking advice from other mothers who've been through depression during pregnancy. I wanted to sharethe storywith you, in particular because I just loved some of the comments offered. I was particularly impressed by the knowledge of some of the commenters:

"Give her the space, without expectation, to feel however she is feeling about this pregnancy. Get her help, certainly. But don't judge her feelings or compare her experience to your expectations of her experience. It's not fair or helpful."

"As for her husband, he will have to stay patient and stay strong. If he needs professional help to get through this and be the support that his wife needs, then he should seek that out."

"I assume that her getting medical help means an evaluation by a good psychiatrist experienced with helping pregnant women manage mood disorders. They exist. Don't settle for the OB. As earlier posters have suggested, being supportive of her medical/therapeutic program is very important … Please also try to discern what are your anxieties and spare her them–get your own therapy to deal with the (totally understandable) issues around your daughter's difficulties."

"Many resources on the internet that say they are for "postpartum" mood disorders have resources that are broadly useful for mental health across the perinatal period. A good place to start is http://www.postpartum.net/"

Way to go New York Times readers!!!

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