Postpartum Depression Treatment Programs & Specialists

postpartum depression treatmentThis is a list of postpartum depression treatment programs and specialists who help women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, postpartum psychosis and depression during pregnancy.

This list does not endorse any specific treatment program or healthcare provider, but will help you find local healthcare providers who specialize in postpartum depression treatment and women’s mental health.

This list only provides connections to therapists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. If you are looking for support groups, please check out Postpartum Progress’ postpartum depression support groups list.

Also, if you’d like to download a copy of our New Mom Mental Health Checklist, click the link and fill out the form to download a clean copy. You can use the checklist to start a conversation with your healthcare provider about how you are feeling.

Note: This list was last updated in October 2018. Some of these therapists may no longer be in business, so it’s always best to click the link and make sure they are still operating. 

(Note: Specialists outside of the United States are listed at the bottom. If you believe you should be listed here, please contact

Alabama Postpartum Depression Treatment

Auburn – Perspective Counseling

Huntsville/Madison – Christina Pannell LICSW

Montgomery – Family Guidance Center

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Alaska Postpartum Depression Treatment

Anchorage – Providence Hospital Postpartum Support

Anchorage – Paula Phillips LPC

Anchorage – Meghan Yarmak LPC

Fairbanks – Kinship Counseling

Kenai Peninsula – Hope Mends

For a list of support groups and specialists in Alaska visit

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Arkansas Postpartum Depression Treatment

Fayetteville – Ryan Davis LCSW

Little Rock – UAMS Mental Health Services for Pregnant & Postpartum Women

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Arizona Postpartum Depression Treatment

Gilbert – Michelle Lacy MA

Gilbert – Women’s Health Innovations

Gilbert – Ann-Marie Casey PMHNP

Gilbert- Amanda Dewbray, Psy.D

Mesa – Mariann Arcari Rubin, LCSW

Mesa- Aynsley Babinski, MA

Scottsdale – Saba Mansoor MD

Tempe – Cara English MA, LAC, DBH

Tuscon – Univ of Arizona Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic

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California Postpartum Depression Treatment

Agoura Hills – Eynav Accortt PhD

Auburn, Grass Valley, Roseville- Sherry Douden, LMFT

Belmont – Jacki Silber LMFT

Berkeley – Gina Hassan PhD

Beverly Hills – Elham Shoa LICSW

Beverly Hills – Jessica Zucker PhD

Beverly Hills – Sherry Nafeh LMFT

Carlsbad- Amanda Freeman, PhD

Chico – Dona Templeman MFT

Claremont – Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D.

Culver City – Caitlin Tonda MFT

Cupertino – MFB Counseling

Cupertino – Pec Indman EdD MFT

Encinitas – Cathy Kreisel LCSW

Encino and Los Angeles – Dalia Kenig MFT

Escondido — Rachael Stracka, LCSW, BCD

Fresno – Nurture 2 Nurture

Kensington – Lee Safran, MFT

Kensington – Mary Obata MA, LMFT

La Canada Flintridge – Ann Dypiangco LCSW

Lafeyette – Meri Levy MA

Lafeyette – Kimberly Kerlin MA

Lafayette/Moraga/Orinda – Kathy Macchi LMFT

Lafeyette – Emily Margalit MFT

Lafeyette and Mt. Diablo – Mt. Diablo Perinatal Psychotherapy Associates

Long Beach – Community Hospital Long Beach Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program (inpatient and outpatient)

Long Beach – Vivien Burt MD

Long Beach – Kitty Cleary Adamovic MS, LMFT, RN

Long Beach – Rose Hanna MS, LMFT

Long Beach – Transitions in Motherhood

Los Altos – Beryl Hattori PhD

Los Angeles – UCLA Maternal Mental Health Program

Los Angeles – Robin Harpster MA

Los Angeles – Jennifer Yashari MD

Los Angeles Area – Bienvenidos

Los Angeles – Great Beginnings for Black Babies

Los Angeles – Stephanie Zisook MD

Los Angeles – Well Baby Center

Los Angeles (Several Locations)– Venice Family Clinic

Los Angeles – Terry Wohlberg, MA, LMFT

Los Angeles Area – Maternal Mental Health Now Directory of Perinatal Mental Health Resources

Los Gatos – Michelle Cherry LMFT

Los Gatos – Dolat Bolandi MFT

Los Gatos – Jessica Sorci, LMFT

Mar Vista – Well Baby Center

Monterey – Meg Grundy LCSW

Monterey- Jennifer Golden LCSW

Mountain View – El Camino Hospital Maternal Outreach Mood Services

Mt. Diablo – Mt. Diablo Perinatal Psychotherapy Associates

Newport Beach/Long Beach – Laura Navarro Pickens LCSW

Newport Beach – Alexis Meshi MD

Newport Beach – Genevieve Yu MD

Newport Beach – Sonya Rasminsky MD

Oakland – Miriam Schultz MD

Oakland – Donna Rothert PhD

Oakland – Rachel Tucker MFT

Oakland- Lauren Chickneas, Ph.D.

Oakland – Natashia Fuksman LMFT

Orange County – Elizabeth Farnsworth LMFT

Orange County – St. Joseph’s Hospital Caring for Women with Maternal Depression program

Orange County – Orange Co. Postpartum Wellness Program

Orange County – Marissa Zwetow, LMFT

Orange County – Kitty Cleary Adamovic MS, LMFT, RN

Orange County – Malaika Clelland

Orinda – Katherine Shulz LCSW

Palo Alto – Elizabeth Eastman LCSW

Palo Alto – Rama Ronen Ph.D.

Pasadena – The Maternal Wellness Program at Huntington Hospital

Pasadena – Emily Dossett, MD

Redondo Beach- Stephanie Morales, LMFT, Mother Nurture Network

Riverside – Emilia Ortega-Jara LCSW

Roseville – Lindsey Plumer LMFT

Sacramento – Catherine O’Brien

Sacramento- Mariko Mally, MFT, RN

San Diego – Yvonne Rothermel LCSW

San Diego – Abigail Burd LCSW

San Diego – Leslie Craig MD

San Diego – Gretchen Mallios LCSW

San Diego – Alison Reminick, MD

San Diego – Dana Carson Lopez PsyD

San Diego- Rachel Rabinor, LCSW, PC

San Dimas – Andrea Schneider LCSW

San Ramon – Rama Ronen, PhD

For more specialized providers in San Diego, visit the Postpartum Health Alliance of San Diego provider list

San Francisco – Chris Eaton, MD

San Francisco – Kerry Savola-Levin, LCSW

San Francisco — UC San Francisco WomenCare Mental Health Program

San Francisco – Sutter Health Perinatal Treatment Program

San Francisco – Perinatal Psychotherapy Services

San Francisco – Joanna Foote Adler PsyD

San Francisco – Juli Fraga PsyD

San Francisco – Renee Spencer LMFT

San Francisco – Kimberlee Sorem MD

San Francisco – San Francisco Counseling Group

San Francisco – Uma Lerner MD

San Francisco- Susan Allen, LMFT

San Francisco- Lila Aguilar Postpartum Doula

San Francisco- Claudine Solin Radford, LCSW, EdM

San Jose and Santa Cruz– Jessica Sorci, LMFT

San Mateo – Cindy Donis MFT

Santa Clarita – Child Family Center

Santa Cruz – Amanda Fargo PsyD

San Cruz and Los Gatos – Angela Jensen-Ramirez LCSW

Santa Barbara – Jan Broderick LCSW

Santa Barbara – Jenn Paul MFT

Santa Monica – Kelly Foster MD

San Rafael — Boukje Eerkens, Psy.D.

Seal Beach- Kitty Cleary Adamovic MS, LMFT, RN

Sebastopol – Tina Stanley LCSW

Sherman Oaks – Kira Stein

Sherman Oaks – Kristen Baird Goldman MA

Stanford – Stanford Women’s Wellness Clinic

Tarzana – The Center for Postpartum Health

Torrance – Vi Ballard MA MFT

Walnut Creek – Devlin Kelly PhD

Walnut Creek – Emily Margalit MFT

West Los Angeles – Elham Shoa LICSW

Whittier – Marisela Rosales LCSW

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the following:

Asian Community Mental Health Services (Oakland), Center for the Pacific Asian Family (LA), Casa de la Familia (LA), Open Paths (LA area), YOLO Family (Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento)

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Colorado Postpartum Depression Treatment

Aurora and Denver – Children’s Hospital Healthy Expectations Program

Boulder – Postpartum Wellness Center

Boulder/Longmont – Kendra Miguez

Boulder – Nurturing Strategies LLC

Boulder — Rosie Falls, LCSW

Centennial – Kerri Langer, MD

Colorado Springs – Aimee Solis

Colorado Springs – Melissa Bannerot LMSW

Denver- The Catalyst Group

Denver – Kym Thompson PsyD

Denver – Nancy Goodman LCSW

Denver – Jennifer Harned Adams PhD

Denver – Julie Gladnick, MA, LMFT

Denver- Katie Godfrey PhD

Denver – Luna Counseling Center

Denver- Sarah Tie, MA, NCC

Durango – Liv MacKenzie MA LPC

Fort Collins – Cherie Worford MD

Fort Collins – Holly Carpenter, MA

Lafayette– Jessica Hanlin, LCSW

Lakewood – Caitlin Kozicki LPC, CAC III, CEAP

Littleton – Mary Anderson Schroeter MSW

Wheat Ridge – Emily Nachtrieb LCSW

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the following: El Centro de las Familias (Denver), Wellshire Behavioral Services (Denver), Servicios de la Raza (Denver)

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Connecticut Postpartum Depression Treatment

Guilford – Janina Tauro, LCSW

Monroe – Julia Teitelbaum MSW, LCSW

New Canaan – Emily Farnum LCSW

New Haven- Elinor Kotchen, LCSW

New Haven – Venice Garner, LCSW

Old Greenwich – Carla Pileggi Caviola LPC

Stamford – Carolyn Kagan MA LCSW

West Hartford- Katie Bassoli, LCSW

West Hartford/Danbury – Sharon Thomason PhD

West Hartford/Danbury – Laurie Silverman, MSW, LCSW

Westport – The Center for Postpartum Support

Westport — Jackie Small, MA, CLC

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Delaware Postpartum Depression Treatment

Dover – Amy Didden LCSW

Newark – Aimee McFarlan, LCSW, Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Healthcare

Newark – Nikki Stryker LCSW

Wilmington – Christiana Care Center for Women’s Emotional Wellness

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Florida Postpartum Depression Treatment

Boca Raton – Laura Krieger LCSW

Boca Raton- Dr. Brandi Baumkirchner

Boca Raton – Brian Schaflin

Bradenton – Jacqueline Ekstrom LCSW

Cooper City – Staci Schnell, LMFT, MS

Cooper City- Betsy Rodriguez, MS

Fort Meyers – Shannon Wiseley, MS

Ft. Lauderdale – Elizabeth Bonet PhD LMHC

Ft. Lauderdale – Noreen Commella, Psy.D., 954-873-8257

Ft. Lauderdale- Allison Brown, LCSW

Gainesville – Jacqueline Hobbs MD

Gainesville – Lauren W. DePaola, LCSW

Gainesville – Melissa Mamatas LMHC

Hallandale Beach – Marcia Starkman MSN

Lantana – Elizabeth McDonough, LMHC

Melbourne – Suna Clinchard LMFT

Melbourne- Julia St. Clair, MS, RMHCI

Miami – Happy Start Counseling Services

Miami- Shelly Orlowsky PsyD

Miami – Dr. Jeffrey Newport

Naples – Andrea Press, Psy.D.

North Palm Beach – Jennifer Hume LMHC

North Palm Beach – Kathryn Friedman LMHC 561-346-7152

North Palm Beach – Susan Tinsley, MA, LMFT

Orlando – Shari-ann H. James, PhD 407-451-4077

Orlando – Morgan Rahimi LMFT

Palm Beach Gardens – Jennifer Goldin, PhD 561-371-9522

Palm Beach Gardens – Jamie Wintz, LMHC

Tampa – Robin Maier LCSW

Tampa – Brittany Bevilacqua PhD

Tampa – Susan Posada PhD

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try The Women’s Center in Jacksonville.

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Georgia Postpartum Depression Treatment

Georgia Crisis and Access Line: 1-800-715-4225

Athens – Shannen Malutinok

Atlanta – Cassie Owens, LPC

Atlanta – Emory Women’s Mental Health Program

Atlanta – Kate Ferguson LPC

Atlanta – Licia Freeman MA

Atlanta – Sarah Hightower LAPC

Atlanta – Elizabeth O’Brien LPC

Decater – Ayanna Abrams PsyD

Lawerenceville – Peyton Rhodes Knight LAPC

Roswell – Natasha Thomas MD

Roswell – Shubha Swamy LPC

Roswell- Amy Hostetter, MD

Marietta – Jacqueline Cohen LPC

For more PPD specialists in Georgia, visit the MHA of GA provider list

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the following: CETPA (Gwinnett County, focused on services for Latinos)

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Idaho Postpartum Depression Treatment

Boise – Transitions Counseling, Torri Lockman MSW

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try Community Outreach Counseling which offers support in various Idaho cities

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Illinois Postpartum Depression Treatment

Champaign/Urbana – Crisis Nursery’s Beyond Blue Program

Chicago & Skokie – Wellsprings Health

Chicago – Healthcare Alternative Systems

Chicago – Wildflower Center for Emotional Health

Chicago – Women’s Mental Health Program, Loyola University

Chicago – Women’s Behavioral Health Program, Rush University Medical Center

Chicago – UI Hospital Women’s Mental Health Program

Chicago – Sarah Netzky, MA LPC NCC

Elk Grove Village – Alexian Brothers Health System, Perinatal Intensive Outpatient Program

Elmhurst – Kate Jensen, LPC, CAADC, CCTP

Evanston – Brooke Laufer PhD

Glenview – Kelly J Martin at Courage to Connect Therapeutic Center

Hoffman Estates – Alexian Brothers Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood Disorders Program

Hoffman Estates – Postpartum Wellness Center

Lake Forest – Interchange Psychological Services

Lisle – Nina Appadurai PsyD

Naperville – Dawn Leprich-Graves, LPC

Naperville – Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare

Naperville – Naperville Clinical Associates, Monica Schmitt PsyD

Northbrook – Dr. Sarah Allen

Northbrook – Nikki Lively LCSW

Orland Park – Kathryn D. Gardner, MA, LCPC

Skokie/Chicago/Highland Park – Susan Benjamin Feingold PsyD

Wheaton – Mary Jackson Lee LCSW

Wheaton – Fatima Ali MD

Wheaton – Sarah Cline LCSW

if you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try: The Family Institute serving Evanston, Chicago, Northbrook and LaGrange or the Chicago Women’s Health Center, or Community Health, or Courage to Connect Therapeutic Center in Glenview

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Indiana Postpartum Depression Treatment

Carmel – Indiana Health Group, Amy Ricke MD

Indianapolis — Indiana University Specialized Women’s Care

West Lafayette – Calla Counseling, Simone Yoemans PhD

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Iowa Postpartum Depression Treatment

Ames/West Des Moines – Karin Beschen, LMHC

Cedar Rapids – Shannon Wilson LMHC

Des Moines – Donna Richard Langer, Unity Point

Des Moines – Pine Rest

Iowa City – University of Iowa Women’s Wellness & Counseling Service

Pella – Jeanetta Nieuwsma, LISW

Urbandale – Jill Thomas LISW

Waterloo – Covenant Midwives & Women’s Health Center

Waterloo – Jenna Berendzen, ARNP, FNP-C, RN

Waterloo – Lauren Dunn, LISW

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Kansas Postpartum Depression Treatment

Manhattan- Sarah Wesch, PhD

Overland Park – Tonya Miles PsyD

Overland Park – Suzanne Heffner LCMFT

Prairie Village – Meeka Centimano

Wichita – Sarah Post LSCSW

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Kentucky Postpartum Depression Treatment

Lexington – Colby Cohen Archer PhD

Louisville – Norton Women’s Counseling, Amanda Hettinger and Michelle Walden

Louisville – Christy Weber LPC

for more PPD specialists in Kentucky, visit the Postpartum Support Kentuckiana provider list

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Louisiana Postpartum Depression Treatment

Baton Rouge –Renee Bruno MD

Baton Rouge – Eva Mathews MD

Covington – Misty Wainwright LPC

New Orleans – Kendall Genre MD

New Orleans – Dana Labat PhD

New Orleans – Joanne Harmon RN, LPC

New Orleans – Bess Hart LCSW

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans

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Maine Postpartum Depression Treatment

Portland – Martha Barry PhD

South Portland – Jenna Daly, LCSW

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Maryland Postpartum Depression Treatment

Baltimore – Jennifer Teitelbaum Palmer MD

Baltimore –Sara Daly, LCSW, LifeBridge Health Perinatal Outreach Program

Baltimore- Desiree Israel, LGSW

Bethesda- Harita Raja, MD

Cantonsville – Emily Souder, LICSW-C (in-home therapy or clinic visits)

Ellicott City – Anne Waller, LCSW

Greenbelt – Courtney Marshall PMHNP

Hagerstown – Jenna Taylor LCPC

Lutherville – Safiyyah Abdul-Rahman MD

Lutherville – Alison L. Miller, Psy.D. and Associates

Montgomery County- American Caballero, LCPC: Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

Olney – Lisa Garcia LCSW

For more specialized PMH Providers, Programs, and Support Groups in Maryland, visit the DMV PMH Resource Guide

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try The Pro Bono Project which offers free counseling in MD

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Massachusetts Postpartum Depression Treatment

Boston – Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Women’s Mental Health

Boston – Brigham and Women’s Hospital Women’s Mental Health Program

Boston – Judith Robinson MD, Tufts Medical Center

Boston- Vivian Halfin MD, Tufts Medical Center

Cambridge – Suzan Wolpow LMHC

Lexington – Ellen Hilsinger MD, 781-863-5225

Roslindale – The Leggett Group

Somerville – Vicky Reichert LMHC

Wakefield – Janice Goodman

Waltham – Jewish Family & Children’s Services PPD Support

Waltham – Jessica Foley MA

Wellesley Hills – Deborah Issokson PsyD

Westborough – Carolyn Chapman MSW

West Newton – Strong Roots Counseling

Worcester – Univ. of Mass. Medical School Women’s Mental Health Program

Worcester – Birchtree Psychology, Rachel Smook PsyD

For more PPD specialists in Massachusetts, visit the North Shore PPD Task Force’s provider list

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try: La Alianza (Boston, Roxbury)

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Michigan Postpartum Depression Treatment

Ann Arbor – University of Michigan Women & Infants Mental Health Program

Ann Arbor – St. Joseph Mercy Women’s Mental Health Program

Ann Arbor – Valerie Wood LMSW

Ann Arbor- Emily Gutmann, LMSW

Birmingham – Camille Greenwald PhD

Birmingham – Dr. Howard Belkin

Bloomfield Hills – Laura Espinosa PsyD

Bloomfield Hills – Laura Fadell PhD

Bloomfield Hills and Livonia – Amanda Kopp PsyD

Bloomfield Hills – Ann Smith PsyD

Brighton – Kayla Katterman PhD, LMFT

Cadillac – Sydnie Simmons PsyD

Douglas – Kim Richardson

Farmington Hills – Lifestart Counseling, Marina Pesserl

Farmington Hills – Miriam Zuroff PhD

Grand Rapids — Pinerest Mother-Baby PPD Treatment Program

Grand Rapids- Nancy Roberts, RN

Highland – Antoinette Peterson MSW

Holland/Wyoming – Remi Spicer LMSW

Kalamazoo — Ciji C. Gamble, M.A., LPC, NCC

Lansing – Jennifer Novello

Midland- Family and Children’s Services

Petoskey – Joelle Drader MD

Plymouth — Laurel Hicks, LMSW 

Portage — Ciji C. Gamble, M.A., LPC, NCC

Rochester Hills — Roots & Wings Counseling

Royal Oak/Troy — Beaumont Children’s Hospital Parenting Program

Troy – Varsha Karamchandani MD

West Bloomfield – Lisa Kruman LMSW

West Bloomfield – Lori Jacobs, MA, LPC

West Bloomfield – Rachel Zager LMSW

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try: Univ. of Detroit Mercy Counseling Clinic

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Minnesota Postpartum Depression Treatment

Eagan – Stages Counseling

Maple Grove – Sara Biewen MA

Minneapolis – Hennepin Women’s Mental Health Program

Minneapolis – Hennepin County Medical Center Mother-Baby Program

Minneapolis- The Postpartum Counseling Center (7 metro locations)

Minneapolis – Jess Helle Morrissey MSW

Minneapolis – Pam Cleary LICSW

Minneapolis/Coon Rapids/St. Paul – Mother Baby Center

St. Cloud – St. Cloud Hospital Women’s Behavioral Health Clinic

St. Louis Park – Andrea Szporn PhD

St. Louis Park – Flourish Counseling (St. Louis Park and Minneapolis)

St. Paul – Shoshana Center for Reproductive Health Psychiatry

St. Paul – Suzanne Swanson PhD

St. Paul – Dr. Jeanette Truchsess Phd

St. Paul —The Postpartum Counseling Center (7 metro locations)

For more Minnesota providers, visit

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the Walk-In Clinic (Minneapolis)

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Missouri Postpartum Depression Treatment

Columbia – Erica Kroll LPC

Gladstone – Debra Mossinghoff MD

St. Louis – Elizabeth Lowder LCSW

St. Louis – Mercy Mother Baby Intensive Outpatient Program

St. Louis – Midwest Mind Body Health Center, Diane Sanford PsyD

St. Louis – Sarah Coffman MSW

St. Louis – Robin Androphy MD at The Counseling Center

St. Louis – Bronwen DiAntonio PhD

St. Louis – St. Louis Doulas (Postpartum Doula services)

St. Louis- Center for Counseling and Family Therapy

if you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the Family Resource Center (St. Louis)

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Montana Postpartum Depression Treatment

Billings – Karen Kietzman PsyD

Bozeman – Kate Robinett MSW

Bozeman- Jennifer Viciedo MS LCPC

Missoula – Jennifer Walrod LCSW

Missoula – Melinda Cline CLC, SWLC

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Nebraska Postpartum Depression Treatment

Omaha – Methodist Women’s Counseling Program

Papillion – Kristen Treat, LMHP

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Nevada Postpartum Depression Treatment

Las Vegas – Dena Johns

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New Hampshire Postpartum Depression Treatment

Dublin- Lucy Doherty, LICSW, 603-759-1491

Manchester other locations – Child & Family Services

Windham – Perinatal & Women’s Mental Health Counseling

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New Jersey Postpartum Depression Treatment

Chatham/Mountain Lake— Laura Winters LCSW

Cherry Hill — Meridian Counseling (Cherry Hill and Sewell)

Cranford – Michael Barmak LCSW

Elmer/Sewell – Kate DeStefano-Torres

Englewood Cliffs- Susan Dowd, LCSW

Hoboken – Linda Chuang, MD

Livingston – Beth Sonnenberg LCSW

Long Branch – Monmouth Medical Center Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Program

Long Beach Island (Brant Beach)- St. Francis Community Center Counseling

Maplewood and Essex County- Jennifer Burleson, LCSW

Monmouth County – Michele Inzelbuch, LCSW, LCADC

Morristown – Anne Marie Hinrichs, LCSW

Shrewsbury – Jaime Malone MA LPC

Shrewsbury/Matawan – Integrative Psychotherapy, Kristen M Levitt LCSW

Sicklerville – Angela Clack  PsyD,  LPC

Summit – Rosalind Dorlen, PsyD

Summit- Jennifer Bronswick, MSW

Tinton Falls – Birth, Babies & Beyond

Waldwick – The Women’s Wellness Center of Bergen County

Wayne – Kathy Morelli LPC

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New Mexico Postpartum Depression Treatment

Albuquerque – Wallin & Luna

Las Cruces – Andrea Dresser LMFT

Santa Fe – Kate Dow PhD

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New York Postpartum Depression Treatment

Brooklyn – Sparks Center

Brooklyn/Manhattan – Emma Basch PsyD

Brooklyn/Manhattan – Jennifer Rhodes MD

Brooklyn/Manhattan – Flora Margolis LCSW

Brooklyn/Manhattan – Laura Polania MD

Brooklyn – Ellen Krug LCSW

Bronx, 10461 — Sherly Raymond, M.S, LMFT, 43 Westchester Square, Suite#3

Buffalo – Jennifer Urban LCSW-R

Carmel – Sinead Macnamara-Murphy LCSW

Croton-on-Hudson – Agathe Pierre-Louis PsyD

East Setauket- Nicole Piervencenti, LMHC

Garden City – Cheryl Zauderer PhD

Glen Oaks- Zucker Hillside Perinatal Psychiatry Program (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Kingston – Liz Fernandez LCSW

Long Island/Manhattan- Laurel Steinberg, PhD

Manhattan – The Motherhood Center

Manhattan – Carly Snyder MD

Manhattan – Payne Whitney Women’s Program at Weill Cornell, New York

Manhattan – Shari Lusskin, MD

Manhattan – Alexandra Sacks MD

Manhattan – Dr. Kira Bartlett, PsyD

Manhattan – Seleni Institute

Manhattan – Columbia University Psychiatry Women’s Program

Manhattan – Sabrina Khan, MD

Manhattan (Upper East Side) – Kathleen Rein MD

Manhattan – Parenthood Psychology Practice

Manhattan – Erika Cooley LCSW

Manhattan – Samantha Winokur PsyD

Manhattan (Union Square)/Brooklyn – Olivia Bergeron, LCSW

Manhattan (Midtown, Chelsea) – Amanda Itzkoff MD

Manhattan & Westchester County- Cheryl McGibbon, MD 646-470-8319

New York – Lucy Hutner, MD

New York – Jamie Kreiter, LCSW

New York- Sarah Best, LCSW

Mt. Kisco – Susan Goodman MD

Poughkeepsie – Dr. Randall Pardell

Rochester – Nicole Crump LMSW

Rochester – Linda Chaudron MD

Rochester – University of Rochester Perinatal Consultation Clinic

Rochester – Alexa Weeks LMSW, RN-CLC, CD

For more specialists, visit the Postpartum Resource Center of New York provider list

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee, you might try the Child Center of NY (Flushing, Jamaica and Woodside)

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North Carolina Postpartum Depression Treatment

Apex – Jamie Rogers, PhD

Apex – Margot Holloman

Chapel Hill – University of North Carolina Center for Women’s Mood Disorders, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill – Nicola Gray MD

Charlotte – Heather Douglas LCSW

Charlotte/Concord/Lake Norman – The Prenatal and Postpartum Center of the Carolinas

Fayetteville – Beth Barrington LPCA

Matthews – Rachel Mathew, LCSW

Raleigh – Betty Shannon Prevatt LPA

Raleigh – Dori Pelz Sherman PhD

Winston Salem – Katherine Dawson Atala MD

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try MHA Triangle (Durham, Orange, Person & Chatham Counties)

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North Dakota Postpartum Depression Treatment

Bismarck- Dr. Sara Kenney, Psy.D.  

Bismarck – Patty Teagle MS, LPCC

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Ohio Postpartum Depression Treatment

Beachwood – Allison Snyer PhD

Cincinnati – Dr. Jyoti Sachdeva- UC Psychiatry at the Women’s Center

Cleveland – Dr. Adele Viguera- Cleveland Clinic Reproductive Psychiatry

Cleveland – Case Western Reserve University Women’s Program

Cleveland – Ohio Guidestone (includes home-based counseling services)

Cleveland- Suzanne J. A. Smith, Ph.D.

Columbus – Therese Grieco

Columbus – Wexner Women’s Behavioral Health

Mason – Lindner Center of Hope Women’s Mental Health Program

Worthington – Dawn Friedman LPC

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try: the Centers for Families & Children (Cleveland), Womanline (Dayton area)

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Oklahoma Postpartum Depression Treatment

Edmond – Tara Fritsch LCSW

Edmond – Alison Squire LPC

Moore – Balance Women’s Health

Oklahoma City – Aimee Benton

Oklahoma City – Janae Nelson LPC

Tulsa- Summer Wyers, MS, LPC

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the following: Family & Children’s Services (Tulsa)

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Oregon Postpartum Depression Treatment

Beaverton – Wildwood Psychiatric Resource Center

Bend – Kim Martin LPC

Corvallis/Eugene – Csilla Andor LCSW

Eugene – Natalie Berkman LCSW

Portland – Nicole Cirino, MD- Oregon University Perinatal Mental Health Program

Portland – Grace Cantor, LPC

Portland – Sarah Baird PsyD

Portland – Motheroots Counseling

Portland – Megan Furnish MSW LCSW

Portland- Christine Titus PMHNP

Portland – Jessie Harris, LPC

For more specialists in Oregon, visit the Baby Blues Connection local provider list

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Pennsylvania Postpartum Depression Treatment

Abington – Kellie Wicklund LPC

Bethlehem – Jennifer Perreault

Blakely – Maternal Mental Health & Wellness of Northeast PA

Bucks County – Melissa Hubsher PsyD

Bryn Mawr – Dr. Carly Goldberg

Camp Hill – Holy Spirit Healthcare Women’s Behavioral Health

Carlisle – Judith DeRicco LPC

Carlisle- Valerie Domenici PhD

Chester/Upland – Crozer Keystone Perinatal Mental Health Program

Doylestown – Shanthi Trettin MD

Greensburg – Brittany Edge MA LMFT

Haverford- Deborah Kim, MD

Lancaster – Women & Babies Hospital Women’s Behavior Health Counseling

Lancaster/Mount Joy – Laurie Vogt LMFT

Newtown Square – Main Line Health Women’s Emotional Wellness Center

Newtown/Doylestown – Christine Haas PhD

Philadelphia – Penn Center for Women’s Behavioral Wellness

Philadelphia – The Center for Postpartum Depression

Philadelphia – Perri Shaw Borish LCSW

Philadelphia – Alisa Kamis-Brinda, LCSW, LCADC

Philadelphia – “Alex” Caroline Robboy, CAS, MSW, LCSW

Philadelphia- Drexel Mother Baby Connections (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Philadelphia- Emily Malcoun, Ph.D.

Pittsburgh – Jodie Hnatkovich LPC CRC

Pittsburgh – Allegheny Health Network Women’s Perinatal Depression

Pittsburgh – Magee Women’s Behavioral Health Services

Pittsburgh – Amy Lewis LSW

Pittsburgh — Casey Swartz, LPC  412-368-209

Pittsburgh — Allegheny Women’s Behavioral Health at West Penn Hospital (Psychiatrist within 24-48 hours, outpatient treatment and a partial mother and baby hospitalization program opening in spring of 2017)

Rosemont – The Postpartum Stress Center

Scranton- Cara Koslow, LPC

Sharon – Laura McElhinny LCSW

State College – Christy Sharer, LPC, NCC

West Chester – Erin Saddic MS

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try: Therapy Center of Philadelphia

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Rhode Island Postpartum Depression Treatment

Cranston – Michele B Chaudhry, LICSW, MPH

Pawtucket – Melissa Etting LCMHC

Providence – Women and Infants Hospital Day Program

Providence – Women’s Behavioral Medicine

Providence – Amy Fazekas, MSW LICSW

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South Carolina Postpartum Depression Treatment

Charleston – Medical University of South Carolina Postpartum Mood Disorders Program

Charleston – Jessica Gregg, MA, MSEd, LPC

Columbia – Midlands Psychiatric, Stephanie Berg MD & Kelly Helms LISW

Greenville – Susannah Baldwin, MEd, LPCI

Irmo – Melinda Somerville LISW-CP

Lexington – Jill Smith, MS

Mt. Pleasant – Beth Keyserling LMFT

Mt. Pleasant – Dr. Risa Byars, PsyD

Summerville – Beth Cook, Women’s Health Partners

South Dakota Postpartum Depression Treatment

Sioux Falls – Kimberly Keiser MA, LPC

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Tennessee Postpartum Depression Treatment

Memphis – Beth Shelton Hayes LMSW

Nashville – Hope Clinic for Women

Nashville – Ruth Bryant LMSW

Nashville — Emily G. Pardy, MMFT Founder & Counselor
South Nashville – Margot Feintuch, MD, 615-200-6858

Texas Postpartum Depression Treatment

Austin – Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas’ provider list

Austin – Kelly Boyd PsyD

Austin – Counseling for New Moms

Austin – Jan Morris PhD

Colleyville – Jennifer Willis, MA, LPC Intern (Supervised by Jennie Fincher, PhD, LPC-S)

Cypress – Your Family Psychiatrist

Dallas – Anne L. Dunnewold, PhD

Dallas – Women’s Mental Wellness

Dallas – Parkland Hospital

Dallas – Kim Kertsburg, LCSW

Dallas – Christy Tucker, PhD

Dallas/Southlake – Neysa Johnson, MD

Dallas/Southlake – Anna Brandon PhD

Fort Worth – Kathryn Sternweis-Yang 

Frisco – Dr Aparna Iyer

Houston – Texas Children’s Hospital- The Women’s Place

Houston – Sherry Duson MA

Houston – Center for Postpartum Family Health

Houston – Deborah Olson, MA, LPC

Houston – Kristin Calverly, Ph.D.

Houston – Jacqueline Sim, LMFT

Houston – Richelle Whittaker, LSSP, LPC, NCC,

Houston- Leanne Peterson, LISW

Houston- Kristin Calverley, Ph.D.

Hurst – Jessica Shepard MA LPC

Kingwood – Deborah Olson

McKinney – Christina Spinler

San Antonio – Maria Zeitz

San Antonio – Sue Clifford LPC

The Woodlands/Houston – Irena Milentijevic

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try:

Family Services of Greater Houston, Texas Woman’s Counseling & Family Therapy Clinic (Denton), Family Service of El Paso, Family Support Services (Amarillo), the Family Place (Dallas)

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Utah Postpartum Depression Treatment

Cottonwood Heights – St. Mark’s Perinatal Outpatient Program

Midvale – The Healing Group

Riverton – Serenity Recovery

Salt Lake City – Amy Rose White LCSW

Salt Lake City – Mandi Stevenson MA

Salt Lake City/Draper/Sandy – Regan Haight APRN

Springville – Tara Tulley LCSW

if you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try: Family Support Center (Taylorsville)

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Vermont Postpartum Depression Treatment

South Burlington – Emily Miller MA, LCHMC

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Virginia Postpartum Depression Treatment

Alexandria – Dr. Elizabeth Hatchuel, PhD, LPC

Arlington- Jessica Jones, PsyD

Centreville – Beverly Reader MD

Fairfax – Terri Adams LCSW

Falls Church – Benta Sims

Norfolk – Christine Truman MD

Richmond – Linda Zaffram LCSW

For more specialized PMH Providers, Programs, and Support Groups in Virginia, visit Postpartum Support Virginia (PSVA)

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try The Women’s Initiative (Charlottesville)

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Washington Postpartum Depression Treatment

Bellingham – Michelle Anderson, MA, LMHC

Carnas/Vancouver – Priscilla Gilbert, LMHC

Edmonds – Terri Buysse, Ph.D.

Issaquah – Corey Hope Colwell-Lipson LMFT, 206-818-7591

Kirkland – Renee Bibault MD

Kirkland – Heidi Koss LMHC

Lynnwood – Cynthia Good Mojab, MS, LMHCA

Redmond – Lin Thoennes NP

Seattle — Mia Edidin, LICSWS

Seattle – Swedish Center for Perinatal Bonding & Support

Seattle – Jennifer Palermo

Seattle – Leslie Butterfield PhD

Seattle – Teresa Williams LICSW

Seattle – Sarah Palmer MA

Seattle – Christie Messina MA, LMHC

Seattle – Patricia Spach

Seattle – Shannon Armitage LMFT

Seattle- Anne Douglass, MA, LMHC, CDP

Tacoma – Sarah Atchinson, MA, LMFT, CMHS

Tacoma – Virginia Buccola Tournay DNP

Tacoma – Anna Maria Sierra

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try the Seattle Therapy Alliance

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Washington DC Postpartum Depression Treatment

George Washington University Women’s Mental Health 5 Trimesters Clinic

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Women’s Mental Health Program & Perinatal Mental Health Clinic

Jennifer Kogan MSW

Emily Griffin MSW

Parker Kennedy Rea, PsyD

Lynne McIntyre MSW

Dr Emma Basch PsyD

For more specialized PMH Providers, Programs, and Support Groups in DC, visit the DMV PMH Resource Guide

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try DC Counseling Connection or The Women’s Center

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West Virginia Postpartum Depression Treatment

Fairmont – Terry Chapman LICSW

Morgantown/Fairmont –  Shannon K. Waliser LICSW

Wisconsin Postpartum Depression Treatment

Madison – Emily Barr Ruth PsyD

Madison – Jen Perfetti MA

Madison – Emily Hagenmeier LCSW

Madison — Ann Jamison MS MFT

Madison Postpartum Collective

Marshfield — Marshfield Clinic’s Perinatal Mood Disorder Clinic The Clinic is an open Clinic and takes place every Thursday morning from 8 – 12 PM.

Mequon – Rose Eichenhofer LCSW

Milwaukee — Dr. Christina Wichman, Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee- Mom’s Mental Health Initiative of Greater Milwaukee

Milwaukee- Abby Kruyper, PsyD

Milwaukee – Susan Barbour, Ed.D., Psychologist

Wauwatosa- Kathryn Vele, MSN, APNP

If you are seeking therapy offering a sliding scale fee based on income, or free counseling services, you might try Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Child & Family Therapy, offered in Eau Claire, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, Stevens Point and more.

The Family Center in Madison offers a sliding fee scale and will not turn people away for inability to pay.

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Alberta Postpartum Depression Treatment

Calgary- Alberta Health Services: Women’s Mental Health Clinic

Calgary- Birth Narratives – Shannon Kane

Edmonton- Tamara Hanoski, PhD

Edmonton- The Family Centre

Edmonton- Claire Wilde R.Psych.

Edmonton- Ali Hirji MD, FRCPC, 780-468-5999

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British Columbia Postpartum Depression Treatment

Abbotsford- Abbotsford Perinatal Depression Support

Surrey- Jim Pattison Outpatient Center

Vancouver- Reproductive Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital and BC Women’s

Manitoba Postpartum Depression Treatment

Postpartum Depression Association of Manitoba

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Ontario Postpartum Depression Treatment

Hamilton – St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

London- Rebirth Wellness – Jodi Tiller MSW

Mississauga- Trillium Women’s Reproductive Health Program

Oxford County/Woodstock- Canadian Mental Health Association

Ottawa/Brockville- Royal Ottawa Women’s Mental Health Program

Sudbury- NOVA Counseling

Sarnia- St. Clair Services

Thornhill/York- Michelle Lavergne, MSW

Toronto- Eliana Cohen PhD

Toronto- Perinatal Mental Health Program at Mt. Sinai Hospital

Toronto- Women’s College Hospital Women’s Mental Health Program

Toronto- UHN Women’s Mental Health

Toronto- Midtown Toronto Therapy, Lindsay Ross

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Nova Scotia Postnatal Depression Trement

IWK Reproductive Mental Health Services, Nova Scotia

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Quebec Postnatal Depression Treatment

Montreal- Rosa Caporicci, MA, Psycotherapist

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UK Postnatal Depression Treatment

Beckhenham – Bethlem Royal Hospital Mother and Baby Unit

Birmingham — Birmingham Perinatal Mental Health Service Mother and Baby Unit

Bristol — Southmead Hospital New Horizon Mother Baby Unit

Chelmsford — Rainbow Mother Baby Unit

Glasgow — West of Scotland Mother and Baby Unit

Leeds — Leeds Mother & Baby Unit

Leicester — Bradgate Mother and Baby Unit

London — Coombe Wood Mother Baby Unit

Lothian – Crossreach

Manchester — Anderson Ward Mother & Baby Unit

Morpeth — Northumberland Mother and Baby Unit

Southampton – Southern Mother and Baby Unit

South London — Bethlem Royal Hospital Mother Baby Unit

Winchester — Winchester Mother and Baby Unit

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Dublin – National Maternity Hospital Perinatal Mental Health

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Royal Women’s Hospital Centre for Women’s Mental Health, Victoria

Mercy Hospital Perinatal Mental Health, Victoria

North Shore Private Hospital Emotional Wellbeing Program, Sydney

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Center for Perinatal Bonding and Support


HUG Child Counselling Unit – Nathalie Nanzer

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Note: Do you have a postpartum depression treatment program or specialty clinic that you believe should be listed here? Feel free to let us know. We make inclusion decisions on whether organizations or individual practices are specifically geared toward women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. They focus on reproductive psychiatry and can provide information that they have received specialized training. They are comprehensive programs, offering postpartum depression treatment, hosting support groups and/or conducting research into these illnesses. Their clinicians are specialists. If you think your practice should be included in this list, email us at Make sure you give us your website address and what type of special training you received.

Postpartum Progress Inc. does not endorse or recommend the use of any specific medication or treatment modality, nor does it recommend or endorse any of the medical professionals listed herein.