Guest Post, Reprint & Linking Guidelines

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

You are welcome to send your guest post for us to consider publishing. Please send it to We will review it for potential publication, though we cannot guarantee we will publish it. Please include the post as an attachment to your email. Do not include it within the body of the email.

Also, please note and make sure you understand and meet all of the following guidelines before you send it in:

  • We do not pay for guest posts.
  • We prefer toĀ publish original pieces, so please do not submit an article or blog post that has already been published on your blog, another website or elsewhere.
  • Your posts should be in the range of 600-1000 words.
  • Keep in mind our audience – they’re looking for understanding and hope to help them through their own experience.
  • Please refrain from talking about specific medications by name, or specific dosages. You can certainly say whether you took medication and if it worked for you, but we prefer not to use specifics.
  • We accept posts from —
    • people who have had a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder (postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, postpartum PTSD, postpartum panic disorder, depression after weaning, depression during pregnancy, postpartum psychosis or post adoption depression)
    • their family members/partners
    • expert healthcare providers who treat women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • Any content published on becomes the property of

We do not accept posts from writers for content farms, and will not reply to your solicitations. If you do not know what a content farm is, you probably don’t write for one. šŸ˜‰

Linking to Postpartum Progress

You are welcome to link to Postpartum Progress as a resource for women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders either on your website resource pages or within your own blog posts. Our site URL is Thanks for helping us spread the word about our resources here. We really appreciate it!

Using/Reprinting Our Content
All content from Postpartum Progress is copyrighted under a Creative Commons license. You may feature our blog postsĀ by linking to them.Ā Complete copying and republishing of contentĀ from Postpartum Progress is prohibited.Ā 

Please note that Postpartum ProgressĀ®, Warrior MomĀ®, and the Warrior MomĀ® logo are trademarks belonging to Katherine Stone.

The majority of the photos appearing on our website are purchased from We only purchased the rights for use here, so if you copy them and use them elsewhere you will be in copyright violation. If you’d like to use one of them, we suggest you open an account at

Outbound Links

If you are someone who runs a PPD support group, however, we can list you on our PPD support list and link to you. Please send the information about your group (where and when it meets and contact information) to Ā If you run an established nonprofit organization that supports women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, we can list you here.