Postpartum Depression Support Organizations

Below is a list organizations offering postpartum depression support, or postnatal depression or postnatal illness support, in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland and South Africa. They have expertise in this area, and can offer support and resources that you can access where you live.

Note:  If your country or region has an established support organization for women suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and you’d like to have it listed here, please email  All countries are welcome.


Postpartum Support International


Beyond Blue


PANDA: Post and Antenatal Depression Association

TABS: Trauma & Birth Stress


British Columbia- Pacific Postpartum Support Society

Manitoba- Manitoba Postpartum Warm Line  204-391-5983 (9am until 9pm)

Manitoba- Postpartum Depression Association of Manitoba

Ontario- Mother Reach

Ontario- Life With A Baby

Ontario- Postpartum Mood Disorder Project Ontario

Ontario- PPD Support Line


PND Ireland

Scotland (United Kingdom)


New Zealand


South Africa

Postnatal Depression Support Association

Perinatal Mental Health Project

England (United Kingdom)

The Association for Postnatal Illness

PANDAS (England & Wales)

PNI (Postnatal Illness) UK

Mums Aid (Greenwich)

Action Postpartum Psychosis

House of Light (Kingston upon Hull/East Riding)

Open House – Notts (Nottingham)

Sheffield Light

Acacia Postnatal Depression Support (Birmingham)

Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation

Bluebell (Bristol)

Birth Trauma Association UK

United States

Nationwide: Postpartum Support International

Arizona: Tucson Postpartum Depression Coalition

California: Postpartum Health Alliance of San Diego, LA County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force, CA PSI Warmline 1-855-227-7462, California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative; Supporting Mamas (San Jose area)

Colorado: Healthy Expectations at Children’s Hospital of Colorado

Connecticut: Connecticut Alliance for Perinatal Mental Health

Florida: Postpartum Society of Florida

Georgia: Project Healthy Moms, GA Warmline

Hawaii: PPD Support HI

Illinois: Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois, Melanie’s Battle

Indiana: Indiana Perinatal Network

Kansas: Pregnancy & Postpartum Resource Center

Kentucky: Postpartum Support Kentuckiana

Maryland: Healthy New Moms; Postpartum Support Maryland

Massachusetts: North Shore Postpartum Depression Task Force, MotherWoman

Michigan: Tree of Hope Foundation, Moms Bloom

Minnesota:  Jenny’s Light, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota

New Jersey: Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative, Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern New Jersey

New York: The Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Shades of Light (Capital Region), Perinatal Network of New York

North Carolina: Postpartum Education & Support

North Dakota: Pregnancy & Postpartum Support North Dakota

Ohio: Perinatal Outreach & Encouragement for Moms (POEM)

Oregon: Baby Blues Connection

South Carolina: PASOs (Spanish Speakers); Postpartum Support Charleston

Texas: Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas (Austin), Wings for Wellness (Dallas)

Utah: Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative

Virginia: Postpartum Support Virginia

Washington: PSI of Washington

Wisconsin: Dane County Perinatal Network, Moms Mental Health Initiative of Greater Milwaukee

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