Homestead Warrior GraphicPostpartum Progress’ first Warrior Mom Conference happens in less than 100 days. The first ever patient centered conference on maternal mental illness will take place in Boston, where 125 women will gather together and go through a ton of Kleenex.

Tickets sold out quickly so if you weren’t able to get a ticket or couldn’t attend for other reasons, we have exciting news for you!

We are THRILLED to announce an at-home conference for those who are unable to join us in Boston. We’re calling it the Homestead Warriors program.

We’ll be asking you to join in and participate with those at the conference on multiple levels because we want all of you to be part of this amazing event. We are all in this together, according to the Homestead Warrior mission statement:

As Warrior Moms, we all journey from pain to power. We are held, we are strong, and we matter. No mom is ever left behind.

While this is all about a journey, it does not need to be a physical one, as many of us know.

Here are some ways you will be able to participate in the Homestead Warrior program:

Postcards of Hope: Sign up to receive some love in the mail from a Warrior Mom! Blank postcards will be available at Conference Registration for attendees to fill out with messages of hope. We will mail these to women who have signed up to receive them after the conference.

Warrior Wall: Those of you at home can send in postcards with stories, art, messages of hope, etc, to be gathered into a piece of art to be displayed at the conference. You may not be there physically, but your spirit will be there for all to see. Your postcards may also be displayed via our nonprofit’s Instagram account!

Photo Collage: Send in your photo! Homestead Warriors will be asked to email in photos of themselves and families to be collected into a giant shield-shaped graphic for display at the conference and the Postpartum Progress website.

SWAG: We’ll be setting aside to-be-announced swag items for giveaways during conference week.

Q&A Session: Our 3 hour panel, Educate and Empower, (topics to cover symptoms, treatments, research, and cultural competency) will include a Q&A with questions submitted by the Homestead Warriors. With limited time, we’ll be holding on to the unused questions for future blog posts, crediting our Homestead Warrior Moms. This panel will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube July 12th. A few questioners will be selected to record their questions for the presentation.

You’ll want to stay tuned to our official conference FB page for details and to sign up for events as they are announced!