Kori Zwaagstra: Tips for New Moms | 8th Annual Mother's Day Rally for Mental Health -postpartumprogress.com

postpartum depression, mother's day rally, maternal mental healthHey there sweet momma—Happy Mother’s Day!  Since it is your FIRST mother’s day I’m sure you will be soaking up every single snuggle, smile and coo.  Relish in thoughtfully written cards, gorgeous flowers and a fancy lunch somewhere.  I’m sure you are happier than you’ve ever been, more fulfilled and floating on clouds.

What, you aren’t 100% blissful?  Perhaps tired, maybe a little cranky and deep down you may be questioning that this new reality is actually your life now.  Good news—that is totally okay!  Momming is hard and you are pretty new so I figured you might appreciate a couple tips from someone who’s been around the block.

It is awesome if you ask for help

Take it from this Type A, doesn’t need to count on anyone for anything gal, it does actually does take a village.  Allow you spouse to be your partner in all things, actually take a family member or friend up on the offer to bring a meal, fold your laundry, or sit with the baby so you can go to Target.

You can’t be everything to everyone. 

Some things will change now that you are a momma.  Priorities shift and you should begin practicing NO.  No can be your friend and save you lots of stress from doing things you didn’t really want to do or shouldn’t be doing.  No isn’t rude and doesn’t make you a bad person.  It does make you a momma who is practicing healthy boundaries and putting herself and her family first.

You will mess up

You’ve never done this before!  Thankfully your new baby has never done this whole being alive thing before either so together you will get through!  Read books, consult with your pediatrician, but know that you were entrusted with this tiny human for a very deliberate purpose. 

This will be the most amazing challenge. 

There will be days you believe with every fiber of your being you aren’t cut out for this.  There will be days when the universe aligns for the feeling of the most monumental triumph.  There will be lots of in-between days too.  No matter the day it is THE journey of a lifetime and a blessing to be called Mom.



The Annual Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health is presented by Postpartum Progress, a national nonprofit that raises awareness & provides peer support for women who have postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth. To see some of the ways we provide moms support, visit http://postpartumprogress.org/community/.