Thank You, Warrior Mom Ambassadors, Our Volunteers

We often hear Postpartum Progress referred to as “a blog.” Postpartum Progress is so much more than that. It’s a non-profit, a network dedicated to erasing the stigma surrounding maternal mental illness.

We’re your sisters, your neighbors, your friends.

We’re a community of moms and those who love them and that community is growing every day thanks to the efforts of our Warrior Mom® Ambassadors.

Our Warrior Mom Ambassadors are in the trenches and on the ground. They’re sharing their stories publicly, some for the very first time. They’re meeting with doctors and clinicians and lactation consultants and pediatricians to increase access to screening and help for postpartum depression.

They’re talking to new moms who need someone to tell them that there’s hope.

These women, 85 of us and counting, span the United States, Canada, and the UK. They’re the grassroots initiative of what was once upon a time “just a blog.” What started as a website by a survivor for survivors has grown into something much bigger which now transcends the online space.

We couldn’t do the work we do without the aid and assistance of our volunteers. They are both who we do this for and why we do it.

We couldn’t let National Volunteer Week pass without thanking the Warrior Mom Ambassadors for showing us their courage and bravery every time they share Postpartum Progress’ free resources with the medical community.

We couldn’t let this moment pass without extending our thanks and gratitude to the women who are helping us spread messages of hope to moms who are battling postpartum depression and climbing their way out of the darkness.

We love you, Warrior Moms.

–Katherine, Jenna, Susan, Shannon, Jasmine, Heather, and Miranda