Two stories yesterday about celebrities who've experienced postpartum depression:

Angie Harmon

The first isfrom the website Lilsugar where actress Angie Harmon complains on video that no one told her about PPD until after she got it! Harmon had PPD after each of her three kids.

Gena Lee Nolin -CSH-053679.jpg

The second, from the magazine Life & Style, features Gena Lee Nolin, former Baywatch star, who experienced PPD(thanks to Celebrity BabyBlog for the story).She also had it with all three of her kids, and used both meds and counseling as part of her treatment. She plans to write a book about her experience.

Actresses and other celebrities are subject to the same illnesses the rest of us are, and are just as likely to go through the darkness of PPD. For news of other celebrity moms who've had postpartum depression, like Lisa Rinna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Amanda Peet, click here.