Today’s Facebook Live Chat covered a number of topics, including how you can best be your own advocate when dealing with doctors and insurance companies.

You can watch it for yourself.

Here are all the links that were shared in chat.

Insurance and Postpartum Depression

Stories About Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression Resources & Tools

The best quote from Katherine during this chat was, “We have to be a part of the solution.”

We have to be part of the solution. Be your own avdocate.

We had a number of moms share how they were scared to speak up (anxiety will do that!) to ask their doctor questions or disagree with diagnoses if they felt the doctor was wrong. You are a part of your treatment plan. Your opinion on options and your knowledge of your own body are of vital importance. Learning to advocate for the best care is hard, but you’re worth it. You have to be a part of your solution.

Lastly, we’ve shared a poll on our Facebook Page asking for Warrior Moms to reply with the best times to host our Chat would be. We had a large group today at noon, but we recognize working moms and others might want a different time slot. So please go take our poll about our Facebook Live Chats so we can best serve you. (All times are in Eastern Daylight Savings).