postpartum depression, mental healthOn Sunday, May 12th, we’ll be celebrating the 5th annual (FIFTH!!!) Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health here at Postpartum Progress. That day we’ll feature 24 letters to new moms, one posted each hour on the hour, from great writers who’ve been there. They know how it feels. They understand the struggle of postpartum depression, or anxiety, or OCD or antenatal depression. Whether it’s advice, words of comfort or their own stories, whatever they write is sure to provide inspiration.

Make sure to let everyone know to tune in. The Mother’s Day Rally is always our biggest day of the year, and is always especially helpful to those moms who are struggling on a day when we celebrate motherhood.

I’m so excited to share with you a list of most of the Rally writers on board this year (with links to their blogs as well as their Twitter handles):

1) Kristen Chase, Cool Mom Picks, Cool Mom Tech and Motherhood Uncensored, @thatkristen

2) Lori Garcia, Mommyfriend, @mommyfriend

3) Andrea Scher, Superhero Life, @andreascher

4) Sarah Pinnix, Real Life, @reallifesarah

5) Yuz Rozenblum, Not Just About Wee, @notjustaboutwee

6) Jessica Cohen, Found the Marbles, @foundthemarbles

7) Jaime Harker, James and Jax, @jamesandjax

8) Jane Roper, Jane’s Calamity and author of Double Time, @janeroper

9) JD Bailey, Honest Mom, @JDHonestMom

10) Lauren Hale, My Postpartum Voice & founder of #PPDChat, @unxpctdblessing

11) Amber Koter-Puline, Beyond Postpartum, @beyondPPD

12) Robin Farr, Farewell Stranger, @farewellstrangr

13) Lori Bollinger, I Can Grow People, @icangrowpeople

14) Jessica Zucker PhD,, @drzucker

15) Cristi Comes, Motherhood Unadorned, @motherunadorned

16) Jen Hajer, The Martha Project, @thenextmartha

17) Katie L., Overflowing Brain, @overflowinbrain

18) Yael Saar, PPD to Joy and Mamas Comfort Camp, @yaelsaar

19) Jenna Rosener, Blogged Bliss, @jennamariebee

20) me!, Postpartum Progress, @postpartumprog  😉

Alsooooooo, we have a few open spots. So, if you’ve recovered from postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis or antenatal depression and are a good writer, you can submit your letter to Postpartum Progress at and we’ll consider giving you a special spot on the Rally Team!!