Homestead Warrior GraphicDid you see our big announcement on Friday?  If you can’t make it to the Warrior Mom Conference in July, we’re bringing it to you!

For the first part of the Homestead Warrior program, we’d like to invite all of you, our Warrior Moms, to send in your photos for a collage project.  We’ll be displaying the final collage at the conference and on the Postpartum Progress website.

We want photos of you, you with your family, you with your kids, and any other pictures that show us your Inner-Warrior.  Can’t decide?  Send 2-3!

To send in your photos, simply attach your picture to an email entitled “Homestead Warrior Photo” and mail to: (that’s a one, three, “e”, one)

We’ll collect all the pictures and work our magic!

We can’t wait to “see” you as a part of our Postpartum Progress shield collage!

For more information about the Homestead Warrior Project, and to sign up for events as they are released, be sure to “like” our Facebook Page:

Photos are due April 22nd, 2015.



*Photo Requirements: 1-3 photos that show us what makes you a Warrior Mom.  By submitting a photo, you agree to have the photo used as part of the photo collage both at the conference and in the collage on the Postpartum Progress website.