Lots of great stories and sharing from Warrior Moms out there to share with you this week:

The Un-Secret Secret of My Postpartum Depression – From the blog Running Nekkid, she writes about how even armed with knowledge about PPD it’s still difficult to recognize what is happening to you. Love this post.

Glitches – Excellent post from Kate Sluiter about those moments down the road in recovery that aren’t monumentally bad but temporary glitches, and how every day she has the opportunity to start anew.

Anxiety, Intuition & Distinguishing Between The Two – Tips on how to push away or deal with intrusive thoughts and fears. (Note: There are some intrusive thought examples in here so if you feel they would trigger you, don’t read this one.)

Having A Baby After Postpartum Depression and Anxiety – Kathy writes about having a baby after having gone through postpartum depression and anxiety with her first child.

Climbing Out of Darkness – Becca from This Working Momma writes about waiting too long to get help.