We talk a lot about screening and treatment for women with postpartum depression, but there’s always the question of which healthcare professional will do it. Most often, it is the OB/GYN that women reach out to for help, which is why this new study in the Archives of Women’s Health conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania is worth consideration. They took a look at women’s views on getting postpartum depression help from OB/GYNs.

“Among the 225 women in the study, more than half receiving gynecologic care (59%) and nearly a third of women who received prenatal care (29%) stated they would not seek help from their OB/GYN for depression.”

Those who said they would not seek help from their OB/GYN if they developed postpartum depression had two major beliefs that prevented them from doing so: 1) An OB/GYN is the wrong doctor for depression care and 2) OB/GYN is not a good setting for depression care.

Other research out this week (some of which I can hardly understand but will report to you anyway):