Here is a link to the Becoming Me blog where a mom opens up to share her story about antepartum and postpartum depression.

And another GREAT PPD story from the Dig Your Toes In blog … here is a highlight:

For me, PPD looked (looks) like this:

  • Feeling off. Just off.
  • Feeling disconnected–from my life, from my kids, from my husband
  • Feeling like I’m in a ‘fog.’
  • Lacking joy. Lacking joy in being a Mom, in little things that I normally love, in life in general.
  • Guilt, guilt, and more guilt.
  • Just feeling down
  • Having my ‘default’ attitude be negative and pessimistic rather than fairly optimistic
  • Wanting to run away. To sleep, to hide, to curl up in a ball.
  • Shrinking when my children cried.
  • Inability to focus
  • “Escaping” often. To the computer, to phone calls, to books, to anything to get me out of my ‘real life’ and my feelings.
  • Snapping at my children very, very easily
  • Feeling overwhelmed all the time
  • Feeling like no matter what I just couldn’t get it all together.

And a link to the Unfolding… blog and another story about PPD.