Here’s a roundup of what’s going on out there in the world of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders this week …

Cate at 18 Years and Counting is suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety and needs a Warrior Moms Virtual Hug. Here’s a post she just wrote about her obsessions and fears.

Jodi Kluchar has just created the PTSD After Childbirth blog. I’m am sure that those of you with postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder will want to follow along for information and comfort. The blog offers info on conferences, birth stories, research and more.

Miranda has just created a blog called Postpartum Help to share her experiences with postpartum depression and try and help others. Give her a shout out!

Laura at Depressed (but not unhappy) Mormon Mommy has written about the helpful things people said to her when going through postpartum depression, and what she would say to others.

Lisa at the Lis & D blog writes about the recent loss of a friend of hers to postpartum psychosis. (This breaks my heart.) She also shares her own experience with postpartum depression.

Diane at The Mommy Diaries writes about postpartum depression vs. stress.