postpartum depression

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On the Postpartum Progress Facebook Fan Page, a reader asked about how to find the best help for postpartum depression or related illnesses. My advice? Ask a mom who knows. I think the best people to talk to are women who have already been through PPD who have been to someone who was really supportive and helped them recover.

There are a lot of survivors hanging out here with us at PP, so I feel fortunate to have gotten to know a lot of the specialists around the country thanks to them and my advocacy work. I am always happy to connect you with them. You can find some listed on the Postpartum Progresspostpartum depression specialists page, or you can ask me a question on Facebook, or you can email me.

Another great thing to do is speak to local advocacy organizations. They often have the best knowledge around about who has a lot of experience in your state treating women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. We have a list of postpartum depression support organizations – just find your state alphabetically in the list and contact the organization directly.

Please note, when I say “postpartum depression specialist” that is shorthand for a specialist in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, also called reproductive psychiatry or perinatal psychiatry. This means this person should be able to help you regardless of whether you have postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, postpartum psychosis, antenatal depression (depression during pregnancy) or whatever. So don’t feel that if you don’t have PPD there is no one who can help you.

I try wherever possible to include special treatment centers from other English speaking countries as well, including the UK, Australia and Canada, so if you are from one of those countries, you may be able to find good contacts from our support organization and specialists lists as well.

Oh!, and DO NOT feel uncomfortable asking me for help, silly. That’s what I’m here for. YOU. So ask away if you just don’t have the energy to search yourself.

Just wanted to do a quick refresher for those of you who aren’t sure how to find someone to help you.