Oh the mamas. The amazing mamas all over the place just laying it on the line and talking about PPD. Isn’t it a great time to be living, where you have the opportunity through the web to be able to virtually meet women just like you? I think it is. Even 9 years post the postpartum OCD, I get so much out of hearing from fellow survivors.

There’s Beth Anne, continuing her series on hospitalization for severe postpartum depression with a story on what it was like in the hospital. (By the way, if you’d like to read my story on hospitalization, here it is. Wish I’d been able to go to UNC. It certainly sounds better than my own experience.)

And Kimberly … wow. Love this story about not being able to love and then loving SO MUCH. I know it’s hard to imagine that will be you some day. Just wait. You’ll see. As Kimberly describes, it’ll blow your socks off.

And Emily, who’s still in the middle of all this horrible postpartum depression misery and needs our support. She reminds me how many mothers come into this illness every day and need our love and prayers.

One of my most favorite features of PP, one that goes back to the early days, is being able to share with you the words of others. Don’t just read mine, or Alexis’. Whenever you get the chance, see what other moms are saying. I think it really reinforces just HOW MANY women go through this, and just HOW SIMILAR their experiences are to yours, even if they’re not exactly the same.