postpartum depression supportSo many people have been writing about postpartum depression lately that I can hardly keep up.  When I started Postpartum Progress back in 2007, I was pretty much all on my own in writing publicly on the blogosphere about postpartum depression and anxiety.  Now there are so many of you!  All brave and beautiful and courageous!  I love it.

I used to be able to comment on everyone’s posts, but now it’s impossible.  There are just too many wonderful words floating around in the ether now.  Still, whenever I can I try to highlight just a few of the stories that I’ve come across.  I know how much it helps to see that you are not alone

At the Feminist Breeder, Anne Roth writes about how a severe lack of sleep led to her experience with postpartum depression.

Danielle on Babble’s Baby’s First Year blog writes about feeling like a failure and having postpartum depression.

Annie writes at 5 Minutes for Parenting about being a mom with depression, and how difficult it is to parent.

The mom at Naked Mommy Diaries writes about how she was treated at the doctor’s office when she reached out for help for her postpartum depression.

Miss Lexywoo writes about always looking over your shoulder waiting for the darkness to come back when you finally get a moment of happiness.

Imperfect Momma blogs about Velma, which is the nickname a group of PPDchat moms have given postpartum depression.  When Velma Attacks

I hope you enjoy all of these posts, and as always if you see one you’d like me to highlight please let me know. Just email me at   I love sharing your words with others who will benefit from them.