fighting postpartum depressionI’ve decided to start asking you, dear readers, to give me suggestions for Warrior Moms of the Week.  I am now finding it impossible to keep up with all the reading I’d like to be able to do, and it pains me when I don’t have enough time to do a Warrior Moms of the Week post and point you to all the great writing moms are doing about postpartum depression and related illnesses.  I love spending Fridays sending you out into the world of courageous mamas who are fighting back against perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Yesterday I asked my Twitter followers for suggestions, and here they are:

From Another Mother Runner, a story about PPD mom Kelly Lewis and why she started running to help combat her postpartum depression

From Our Giggles & Grimaces, on making a plan to fight postpartum depression

From 2 Much Testosterone, on her hospitalization for suicidal thoughts and on not giving up

From Not Just the Blues, on noticing how she’s getting better bit by bit

From Healing Mutti, on finding it hard to find a good therapist

From Mammywoo, on all the horrible thoughts she has about herself and how finding others with postpartum depression helps

From James & Jax, a story of her recovery from postpartum depression and how she’s almost started to forget

And finally, my absolute FAVE post of the week (though I love them all), here is Warrior Mom AddyeB from Butterfly Confessions, dancing away her blues.  Watching this video has filled me with joy, and I can’t wait to watch all of her Dance Party Friday videos.