If you hadn't noticed it yet, I've created a new series called Six Things. You can find it on the left of your screen, directlyunderneath my picture. (Found it? Good.)

I decided to develop these documents as a "quick and dirty" way to let people know what I believe are some important things to understand about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, which include depression and anxiety during pregnancy and in the 12 months postpartum. These are brief Word documents that you can quickly download.

Ifyou or someone youknow has time to read nothing else, hopefully these Six Things lists will help give you and those who care for you some clarity as you grapple with these illnesses. These, of course, aren't the only six things you need to know. You may have another six you'd like to share. (If so, email me at stonecallis@msn.com).

So far I've created a Six Things for Moms and Moms-To-Be, and a Six Things for Healthcare Professionals. Therewill bemore to come …