The current issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry has published a study confirming that "… The loss of a childthrough miscarriage or stillbirth has been associated withdepression and anxiety during subsequent pregnancy. RobertsonBlackmoreet aldemonstrate that symptomsof depression and anxiety persist after the birth of a healthychild and well into the postnatal period. They suggest thathistory of prenatal loss should be viewed as a risk factorfor depression and that early recognition of such symptomswould help in preventive interventions to promote healthy adjustmentfor both mother and child." This large study looked at the cases of more than 13,000 mothers in England.

We have known that miscarriage or stillbirth is a risk factor of postpartum depression or anxiety, but it is certainly good to see more research being conducted in this area. If you are looking for more resources on this, please read 3 Ways to Support Women Who've Experienced Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage or Stillbirth)