Today is Blog for the MOTHERS Act Day, sponsored by Postpartum Progress, BlogHer and Postpartum Support International! Ladies, please get blogging!! Your actions today will make a difference in the lives of all the new mothers created each and every day in America. (Update: Please tell your readers to keep calling if the lines are busy!! Don’t give up!!)

The truth is that our country is more than capable of treating more women more quickly and more effectively when it comes to postpartum mood disorders. We can do it. We just don’t. All it takes is will. A willingness among healthcare providers to further educate themselves and to screen for these illnesses. A willingness among insurers to help cover costs. A willingness among all those involved with childbirth education to lay out the truth.

I have the will to tell you what happened to me. I know hundreds of women who have the will to bare their souls and tell strangers about their most horrifying thoughts and their weakest moments … who have the will to stand there and take the closed-mindedness and judgments that come from some in order to help someone avoid going through what they went through. I know mothers like Joan Mudd and Carol Blocker and Helena Bradford who have the will to relive the deaths of their beautiful daughters over and over again just so that they can educate people about postpartum mood disorders.

I humbly ask you to have the will, today, to write about the MOTHERS Act for postpartum depression, and to call your Senators, and I am asking the United States Senate to find the will to help all of the new mothers created each and every day in America.

For more information on exactly how to participate today, click here and here. Here is a link to everyone who has posted so far (if I’ve missed you, shoot me an email):