Warrior Mom ConferenceThere’s nothing like connecting with another mom who has been through postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis, or has experienced any of these illnesses during pregnancy.  An instant understanding and sisterhood binds you together, as you share your story and recognize yourself in a kindred spirit.  The truth is that, though there are many brilliant medical professionals tackling the challenges facing women with maternal mental illness, only another survivor can truly know what you’ve gone through.  And so we come together, digitally, and find solace in our camaraderie.  The Postpartum Progress blog, Facebook page, and private patient forum have connected women just like me to support and evidence-based information for 10 years now.

It’s inspiring to witness the support community the Warrior Moms have created and exciting to think that in only 165 days, we get to bring over 100 of them face-to-face at the inaugural Warrior Mom™ Conference.  As wonderful as digital hugs are, I have to tell you that nothing, nothing beats meeting another survivor in person.

We’re hard at work behind the scenes here at Postpartum Progress, creating an amazing conference experience that will educate, inspire, and empower our Warrior Moms.  We can’t wait to announce our conference schedule, which will feature some of the leading experts in maternal mental health along with self-care workshops, and advocacy training.  We’ll be connecting with the folks at home with our new Homestead Warrior Mom program, and have thrilling ways for our conference attendees to connect with peers from across the country.  But most importantly, we just can’t wait to see our Warrior Moms in person and give them real, honest-to-goodness hugs.

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