how did you know you had postpartum depression

How did you know you had postpartum depression? What made the light bulb go off in your mind – what symptom was it that convinced you that something was wrong?

Last month in PEOPLE magazine Chrissy Teigen revealed that it was her lack of interest in food that made her realize she had PPD. She explained that she was in the middle of putting together her second cookbook but she wasn’t finding the joy she normally did in creating recipes, cooking for others and even eating.

For me, I kinda feel like I was lucky because I had intrusive thoughts, which are a GLARING sign that something is terribly wrong. They were something I couldn’t ignore or brush off as being part of the new normal as a tired and nervous mom of a new baby. It was obvious I had a serious problem that needed attention. I didn’t know, of course, at the time exactly what it was because I’d never heard of postpartum OCD but at the very least I knew I was going to need some kind of help and it spurred me on to ask for it.

What was your clue? Was it inability to sleep when the baby slept? Crying all the time? Withdrawing from friends and family?