postpartum depressionBack when I started this blog in 2004, it was just me, myself and I. There was hardly anyone blogging about postpartum depression. Hardly anyone read my blog. There was no Twitter. There were no Facebook Fan Pages. No Pinterest, for goodness sake.  It was SO EASY to keep up. Easy peasy lemon squeeze.

Now … well now is different. There are so many more of you reading, commenting, asking questions, emailing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you for being here, and for reaching out to me.  Please keep it coming.

The only problem is that I’m not always able to do the things anymore that I used to do. Like read each and every one of your blog posts about PPD.  That sucks. I loved doing it and I loved commenting on all of your blogs. Now I try to read a few each week but that’s about all I can get to. So I’m sending my apologies in advance to all of you that I’m not able to read every single one of your amazing and courageous posts on antenatal depression, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, postpartum psychosis, etc. It’s not you. It’s me.  😉

Because of this I haven’t been keeping up with the Warrior Moms of the Week posts lately. But there are a few things I was able to read today that I wanted to share with you:

Victoria Mason has decided to say goodbye and good riddance to her guilt over having postpartum depression. Yahoo!

Katie Sluiter just had her second child and is cautiously optimistic that she’s not going to have postpartum depression this time. Another yahoo!

“Crunchy” mom Ceridwen Morris shares her quibbles about the placenta encapsulation craze.

Jessica from Mommyhood Next Right writes about what is (and isn’t) normal new mother behavior and feelings. Love this!

Daily Buzz Moms recently covered PPD and included links to several bloggers writing about the topic.

These are, of course, just a few of the amazing stories from women currently or previously struggling with postpartum depression and related disorders. Thank so much to all of you who continue to write about this.