fighting postpartum depression, Warrior MomIt’s been a while since I’ve had the time to do a Warrior Moms of the Week post (I know, I know, please don’t make me feel more guilty about it than I already do), but I just can’t let it go by this week without mentioning three people:

First, go see Lexy at Mammywoo, whose praises I sing nonstop because she’s that good of a writer, writing about why postpartum depression, or depression of any kind for that matter, is NOT a lifestyle choice.  A must read.

Second, Katie is about to have another baby after having had postpartum depression, and she writes about her worries. Her normal, perfectly-good-mom worries.

Finally, you know I normally take it upon myself to speak pretty loudly and firmly when I see stigma and misinformation being spread.  Yesterday, I saw a mother tweet about whether postpartum depression is really a cop-out.  I responded that it is not, but she wasn’t willing to let it go.  She doesn’t understand the difference between postpartum depression and psychosis.  She doesn’t understand that some people can be truly incapacitated by illnesses like postpartum psychosis.  And she wasn’t willing to understand.  I planned on responding here today, until I read Esther’s post.  Esther is a Warrior Mom and blogger at Through The Tunnel: Life After PPD and she responded in a way that needs nothing added from me.  Thanks for fighting the stigma Esther!!!