I'm switching it up on you a little bit. We're renaming ourselves from Warrior Chicks to Warrior Moms. Not that I don't like being a chick, cause I do. But apparently a California pastor named Holly Wagner is already using that phrase and has written a book called "Warrior Chicks" and I certainly don't want to rain on her parade. (And no, she didn't send me a cease and desist letter. I just happened to find out about it and decided to change.) Plus, Warrior Moms is a bit more descriptive of us anyway. How does everyone feel about this name change? At least you didn't have to go to the Social Security office, right?

If you're out there wondering what Warrior Moms means, and why it refers to the readers of Postpartum Progress, let me explain. I felt completely awful about myself when going through PPOCD. Full of shame and guilt and ickiness. If there was a place lower than Hell, further South than Antarctica, darker than a black hole, I was there. I needed someone to help me see that rather than being weak and defective, I was strong. I didn't feel strong, yet I was. Because as sick as I was I still tried to make it through each day the best I could. Even though I was violently ill, I made the effort to hold it together as much as I could to care for my baby, with breaks of falling apart in between. Looking back on it now, and knowing as many of you as I know who have been through it or are going through it, I see perinatal mood disorder sufferers as strong, beautiful women who are growing, albeit painfully, into strong, beautiful mothers. You are my Warrior Moms.

Thus the inspiration for the Postpartum Progress logo:

Oh, and guys reading this site, don't worry. I'm not ignoring you. In fact, if you're a guy and you read Postpartum Progress you are a hero as far as I'm concerned. We need more men like you taking a proactive approach to learn all you can and support your wives, sisters, friends, daughters, girlfriends and partners. We should give you a name too. I'm just too tired to think of one.

And for that matter, other people reading this site who haven't had a perinatal mood disorder, who I'm going to call Other People Reading This Site Who Haven't Had a Perinatal Mood Disorder, we love you too. Thanks for taking the time to inform yourself about our world. Support from all sides is paramount.