The mom at The Vaca Loca blog has written about what made her finally reach out for help for postpartum depression. Prior to getting that help, nursing was the reason she gave herself to wait:

In a previous post I mentioned that I resisted getting treatment for the postpartum depression for several months, primarily due to breastfeeding. So what tipped the scales and sent me running to the doc?

At some point I started thinking, “Things would be so much better if I could just disappear for a while to regroup. But not until I wean.”

Then it went to, “Things would be so much better if I could just disappear forever. But not until I wean.”

Then, “Things would be so much better for everyone if I just didn’t exist. But not until I wean.”

Then, “If the train by my house derailed and hit me, that would be ok. But not until I wean.”

Then, “What if I just accidently drove my car into the train? But not until I wean.”

Then one day without warning (um, that I could put together at that time, at least), “I’m ready to just be gone now. And I don’t have it in me to hold out until after I wean.”

She says it was friends and family who convinced her to finally reach out.

I love how honest she is about how she kept putting it off and putting it off until it was almost too late. It’s an interesting topic. Whether it’s stigma, shame, embarrassment or denial, so many of us avoid reaching out for professional help forpostpartum depression. We set artificial deadlines. We convince ourselves we can (should) get better on our own. We decide we aren’t worth getting help, or it won’t work anyway. But then, thankfully, for most of us, at some point we turn the corner and make the call.

I honestly can’t remember what specific thing drove me to make that call to the Coca-Cola Company’s Employee Assistance Plan. I just knew I couldn’t take it anymore, and felt that since they were probably going to haul me off to jail or the padded room anyway I might as well give up the goods sooner rather than later.

For those of you who have already asked for help, what drove you to finally do it? What tipped the scales?

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