It’s time to announce the top 10 writers on postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders for 2010!

First, here’s how I made my final decision. I wanted to make sure the ten chosen where representative of more illnesses than simply postpartum depression. Also, I focused on good writing, Warrior Mom courage, and stories told in a unique voice or new way.  I encourage you to PLEASE add links to the ones that really hit home with you this year in the comments section, so that others can read them. We all have different favorites!

Without further ado … (and yes, I know, I did 12, like last year, which is my prerogative, so there!)

2010 Top Ten Writers on Postpartum Depression & Related Illnesses (+ 2)

1. Kimberly from All Work & No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something with “The Bucket”

So damn inspirational. Keep carrying that bucket.

2. Anonymous on Band Back Together with “Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”

I just love how she used the lyrics to the song “You Are My Sunshine” to tie together her story. I can hear the song in my mind. It almost kills me to think of it in conjunction with postpartum depression. (This story also appeared on My Postpartum Voice.)

3. Heather guest posting on Postpartum Progress with “Naked On the Side of the Road”

I know how much GUTS it took for her to tell her story of postpartum psychosis. Bravo.

4. Grace from Arms Wide Open with “The Ultimate Embrace”

“Am I better now? How about NOW?” How hard is it for all of us to accept where we are at the moment?

5. Catherine from Her Bad Mother with “The Monster in the Closet”

On stigma, postpartum depression and battling demons in the night.

6. Beth Anne from Heir to Blair with “The Hospital”

Her brave story of being hospitalized for severe postpartum depression with psychotic features.

7. Aunt Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka and Band Back Together with “Antepartum Depression”

Because there just aren’t enough people talking about antenatal/antepartum depression, and we need mamas to know how common it is.

8. Amber from Beyond Postpartum with “Then … And Now”

Every single one of you who suffers from postpartum depression will have a “then” and a “now”, as Amber does. It gets better.

9. Lauren Hale from My Postpartum Voices with her 4-part series “Graham Crackers & Peanut Butter”: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Lauren goes into the details of her story, and what a story it is.

10. Beth from The Confused Homemaker with “Dear PPD: I’m So Not That Into You”

I just loved her letter to postpartum depression. Serious Warrior Mom material.

11. Liz from The Wilson Crowd with “The Chicken Exit”

Wish I’d thought of that. So simple and yet it conveys so much. Loved it!

12. Stephanie from Dial M for Minky with her guest post about postpartum OCD on Postpartum Progress, “Horror Movies In Her Head”

Because so many mothers still have no idea there is such a thing as an intrusive thought, which is unacceptable to me.

And since there really were so many great ones, and I couldn’t include all of these in the top 10, but they were just edged out, and this was such a crapshoot really, I’m including this year’s 2010 Honorable Mentions:

Julie from Up Up the Blog with “Ah, Summer”

Perhaps for you too, your illness is/was connected inextricably to a time period, event, song, or picture in your mind. Really speaks to how we are changed forever by perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, in ways good and … not so good.

Alison from O My Family with “The Search for My Lost Self”

Who hasn’t lied to themselves, at least for a little while, about needing help.

Grace from Arms Wide Open with “The Breaking Point”

Such a compelling description of her breaking point … I feel like I’m right there with her.

Ivory from The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness with “Screwing My Courage to the Sticking-Place”

I love her imagery … car crashes and A Clockwork Orange …

Katie from I Thought I Loved You Then with “Stigma”

I love it when moms stand up to stigma and stereotypes.

Katie from Sluiter Nation with “What It’s Not”

She is not a Mentos and neither are you.

There were so many more. Forgive me if you’re not on here. Really. I couldn’t even read everything that’s out there because I’m, like, one person and all. Like I said, please add your favorites, even if they are your own!

And here’s a link to the 2009 Top Ten Writers on Postpartum Depression!