postpartum depression newsIt’s Friday and there’s lots of news going on out there about postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis, postpartum OCD and postpartum PTSD, so let’s do a news roundup, shall we?

1.. Postpartum Psychosis Can Be Prevented in High Risk Women – This story from the MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health reports on research finding that women with previous psychotic episodes or bipolar disorder who are treated either during pregnancy or after birth (depending on which illness they have) helped to prevent them from getting postpartum psychosis. That is fantastic news.

2. Postpartum PTSD More Common Than You Think — Another story from the MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health reports on a study about the prevalence and risk factors for postpartum PTSD. I find it interesting that, as author Ruta Nonacs MD writes, “… infertility leads to a ten-fold increase in risk for postpartum PTSD.” This is important for women who are pregnant post infertility treatment to know.

3. CBT Can Help Prevent Postpartum OCD — OK, yes, I know, another one from MGH. I’m trying to catch up. This is in reaction to a piece in Forbes on how women who had anxiety during pregnancy and went through a program of OCD symptom awareness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) were less likely to suffer postpartum OCD. More great news.

4. Girls with Anxiety Have Harder Working Brains – Researchers found the brains of anxious girls work significantly harder than brains of boys when put in stressful situations. So that’s why I’m so smart … my brain has gotten a lot of exercise. 😉

5. Warrior Moms Book Club – Our official book club is about to kick off so if you haven’t joined already and want to take part, email Amber ASAP:  There are already 32 members!

6. Golf for Jenny’s Light – The Jenny’s Light Allina Health Golf Fundraiser still needs more golfers. Sign up if you can!

7. The Face of Social Anxiety — This is a nice piece on what it’s like to experience social anxiety. As someone who does, I really appreciate her explanation. Often, people just think we’re aloof when the truth is we’re scared to death.

8. Being A Mother Doesn’t Always Feel Good – A post from Karen Kleiman on putting motherhood in perspective.

9. 2nd Annual Gala for PRCNY – The Postpartum Resource Center of New York will be holding its 2nd Annual Summer Gala on Thursday, August 16th at Captain Bill’s in Bay Shore, NY.  Tickets are advance sales only. The event will feature dinner, dancing, a silent auction and a special guest performance by a star of Broadway’s “The Phantom of the Opera.” Help raise funds for the awesome PRCNY.