We’re really excited to participate in National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health’s first ever National Day of Action. We believe in the heart and soul of #loveanothermother; it’s kinda what we do!

#LoveAnotherMother National Day of Action

In short, NCMMH is asking all of us to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, blog, and otherwise inundate our online social spheres with support for Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act of 2015 (HR 3235 and S 2311).

What’s covered in this bill?

  • H.R. 3235 directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make grants available to States to establish, expand, or maintain programs for maternal depression screening and treatment of women who are pregnant, or who have given birth in the past 12 months.

  • Eligible programs will offer appropriate training to health care professionals, make available relevant information and resources, and provide enhanced treatment options for women who may be suffering from postpartum depression.

We support these endeavors—and we know the Warrior Moms in our community do as well.

Get Involved with #LoveAnotherMother

We’re asking you to take to social media on Thursday, February 11th to tell/ask/encourage/demand your Representatives and Senators to support this bill. NCMMH offers up these great, premade Tweets.

  • For the HOUSE: #LoveAnotherMother @Rep’sTwitterHandleHere Support Moms and families! Cosponsor #HR3235! Bring #PPD Out of the Shadows b/c #MomsMatter

  • For the SENATE: #LoveAnotherMother @Rep’sTwitterHandleHere Support Moms and families! Cosponsor S2311! Bring #PPD Out of the Shadows b/c #MomsMatter

You can easily find the Twitter handles of your Reps here:

You can also save this image to your own device and use it while sharing.


Or, and we encourage you to, use your Representative’s Twitter/etc handles and the appropriate hashtags—#LoveAnotherMother and #MomsMatter—and tell your Representatives and Senators your story. Explain what this bill means to you, to your baby, to your family, to your community, to our society. Explain what you’ve been through; share your struggles and your triumphs. We know that using storytelling in activism appeals not only to those you’re attempting to persuade but to the online community who sees these tweets roll by. This also works exceptionally well on Instagram when you use your own picture and tell your own story. If you blog, you can write your own post, and then Tweet or post it on Facebook (again with handles and hashtags!). There are lots of ways to get involved and share.

By sharing your story and imploring your Representatives and Senators to support this bill, you’re also simultaneously educating those you connect with online about the realities of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. Dual function, further reach. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to use it to foster change for moms in the future.

Whatever you choose to share, share it on February 11th. We’ll be following along with the hashtag and retweeting as best we can. We know that our Warrior Moms can make a difference. Let’s do our thing.