Climb Out of the Darkness 2016

Climb Out Is Almost Here

You guys.

Next Saturday, the majority of our Climb Out of the Darkness teams will gather in parks and on trails and Climb together. In their midst will be moms who have already survived postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, moms who are still fighting the battle, their loved ones, their partners, their children, clinicians of all sorts, and people who care about maternal mental health in various forms.

They will join together as a group of relative strangers and they’ll leave the event feeling a deep connection. For some, it will be the first time meeting other moms face to face who went through postpartum depression, too, despite the mood disorder happening to 1 in 7 moms. For others, it will feel eye-opening to see how many moms and families are affected by postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

For everyone, it will be a day they’ll remember forever.

And it will make a huge difference for moms everywhere, even those not Climbing Out this year. Why?

We’ve Almost Reached Our Climb Out Goal

Climb Out of the Darkness 90% of Goal!

We’re already at 90% of our $250,000 goal for this year’s Climb Out of the Darkness. With one week left. Not only are we going to hit that goal, we’re going to exceed it. We’re going to be able to provide more free services for moms. We’re going to be able to spend more time working to get moms the resources and help they deserve and need. We’ll continue to increase our impact. And most importantly, we’re going to continue to bring the high level of service and care we offer moms experiencing postpartum depression and other postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. All because our teams believe in our mission as a non-profit and know the work we do is vital to improving awareness and care for all moms.

Join Our Climb Out Blog Party

As we gear up for the big event, we’ll be featuring three of our teams who Climb this weekend on our social media platforms this weekend so you can witness the connection for yourself. We’ll also be hosting a Blog Party on Monday next week. Bloggers who Climb will be writing about “Why I Climb” in their own spaces. We’ll link to them all here and share them via Twitter. You can feel free to join the party by writing a piece on your own blog and commenting here with your link. Please feel free to use the photo below.

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Climb Out on Social Media

Our Instagram is All Climb All the Time right now. We’re featuring Climb Out Leaders, Climb team photos, cute kids, and more. Be sure to check that out, too.

We’re working hard as a team to bring you information about the Climb this week to keep everyone motivated, excited, and ready to make a difference for moms with postpartum depression.

If you’re not registered yet, you can to register. Join us!