I haven't written much here about postpartum depression after miscarriage or other loss, probably because I just don't a lot of knowledge about that particular experience, but it is clearly an important topic to discuss. Women who suffer miscarriages, stillbirths or other perinatal losses are certainly at a high risk of experiencing postpartum depression as well as grief. I met a mother recently who, when she found out what I do every day, told me that her first child died in his first few months because he suffered from arare disorder that no one knew he had. She talked about the horrible, and completely understandable, depression she experienced and how she got through that time. There are no words …

Dr. Ruta Nonacs, in her book A Deeper Shade of Blue, devotes an entire chapter to this subject.

"Though emotional distress in pregnancy loss is normal, some women may develop more persistent or disabling psychological symptoms … Depression may also complicate the picture. One study found that during the six months following a miscarriage, about 10 percent of women showed signs of depression … Experiencing a stillbirth or neonatal death probably puts you at even higher risk for depression; one study indicated that a mother's risk for depression after stillbirth is about seven times higher than a woman who has a live birth."

Last month I heard from another mom whowanted to share her story of postpartum depression after miscarriage. In her email she wrote:

"PPD is so widely misunderstood and rarely talked about. I've heard even less about living through it after having a miscarriage. I'd love it if you'd talk about this issue on your blog."

Well, let's start today with a link to her story of depression after miscarriage. I welcome hearing from more of you on this topic. I hope other moms inthis situationwill be comforted by your words.

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