when can you get postpartum depressionSince I can’t reinforce this enough, I want to remind you (and ALL the doctors out there) that postpartum depression can arise any time in the first year after your baby is born.

Some moms recognize they have PPD pretty early on. For others, the symptoms may have started earlier but they didn’t realize they were signs of PPD, or chalked their feelings up to new mom exhaustion. For others, they feel they’ve been doing just fine, until the darkness slams into them later in that first year. And for others, depression symptoms only show up upon weaning. Everyone is different. The point is that if your baby is 8 months old or 12 months old, it doesn’t mean you can’t have postpartum depression. Many of my readers have believed this, or been told this (GAH!) by their doctors.

Emily from DesignHerMomma bravely shared her story on Babble this week on realizing that she has postpartum depression and anxiety at 8 months postpartum. I wanted to highlight her story here because it’s so important for people to realize the wide span of time during which PPD can occur. Here’s a portion of the story.

“I thought I was in the clear, until a couple months ago. Right around the 6 month postpartum mark, things began to change with me.

Unfortunately, without a shadow of a doubt, I am again suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety. I thought making it past the six month mark with no signs of PPD or PPA meant I was in probably the ‘clear’, but sadly it’s not the case for me.

Did you know postpartum depression and anxiety can strike at any time during the first year? I didn’t.”

Go read her story on Babble.

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