Here’s the latest news on postpartum depression this week:

A study in the United Kingdom found that postpartum depression is underreported (surprise!).  The researchers involved with this study believe that as many as 30% of new mothers in the UK get PPD (or postnatal depression, as it is called there).

A study in Australia finds that older moms (37+) do not face an increased risk of getting postpartum depression.  I have heard it cited in the past that older moms have a higher risk, which I always found sort of odd, but this study says that it’s just not the case.

The MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health has published an article on the effectiveness of Light Therapy as a treatment for depression during pregnancy, and whether it can or should be used as an alternative to medication.  Check it out.

The awesome Dr. David Rubinow, founder of the University of North Carolina Center for Women’s Mood Disorders, has been elected to the Institute of Medicine, which is one of the nation’s highest honors for those in the fields of health and medicine.  So. Damn. Fantastic.

I’ll be in Knoxville tomorrow speaking about postpartum depression at the 14th Annual Fall Psychiatric Symposium.  Looking forward to it!!!