Lots of TV shows did stories last week (was it last week?) when the news came out about Andrea Yates. I happened to be at the gym when I saw NBC’s “The Today Show” interviewing Dr. Valerie Raskin. The interviewer asked her if women with “regular” PPD ever have thoughts of harming their children. Raskin said “Never”, implying that only women with PPP have such thoughts. I was so upset I had to leave the gym. Now I realize this was a quick interview, and Raskin may not have had the opportunity to explain herself, but what came out was just not accurate in my experience. It is not true that only women with Postpartum Psychosis have thoughts of harming their children. I didn’t have PPP, and I had intrusive thoughts. Now I’m worried that women who may have seen that story and may be having intrusive thoughts are going to think that they’ll come to the same end as Andrea Yates. What if, God forbid, a woman harms herself because she doesn’t realize she may simply have Postpartum Obssessive-Compulsive Disorder, which can be treated fairly easily and doesn’t cause you to have to be committed to a psychiatric institution?