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Did you know that the first year postpartum has a high divorce rate? I imagine this must be due to the enormous stress and major role transitioning that occurs when a couple has a new baby. For those of us with postpartum depression, the stresses on a marriage grow even larger.

I recall that my own husband was very confused by my illness. He didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I was no longer behaving like the person he married, and I’m sure he worried whether I’d ever go back to that person. I’m grateful we made it through that horrible time.

I heard from a reader and recent postpartum depression survivor whose husband has just asked for a separation. She’d like to hear from you.

“Although he hasn’t directly said it I feel like the postpartum depression played a major role in creating distance between us. Most of the stories I read are about wonderfully supportive husbands and I wonder if other women have been or are in similar situations and maybe have advice?”

Have any of you been here? Can you share constructive thoughts about what you went through, whether it worked out in the end or it didn’t?