This week has been SO busy. My inbox is packed and I’m completely swamped. I’ve talked to a new mom in Maryland having intrusive thoughts, a dad in Kansas City whose wife just had a baby and it seems like PPD may be coming on for the second time, a woman in Seattle looking for a therapist for PPD treatment for her sister, a mom in Texas considering having another child but unsure how to prevent a recurrence. So many people in so many places who are experiencing or have experienced postpartum mood disorders. So much need. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. But so glad and honored that people feel comfortable reaching out to me. I’m so glad to be able to support any and all of you in your journey through PPD.

Sorry I haven’t been able to post much this week, but in the meantime here are some amazing women bloggers who’ve written about the online petition for the MOTHERS Act this week:

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