Several years ago, with the help of a graphic artist, I created the Warrior Mom logo for Postpartum Progress.  I wanted a symbol that was positive. That represented the strength and courage it takes to get through postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, antenatal depression and the rest. Something that would combat the ridiculously negative images the media portrays about women with PPD.

Since then, I have learned how much more powerful the Warrior Mom logo is than I could have expected. You have displayed it on your websites. You have put it on jewelry. You have emailed me and called yourself Warrior Moms proudly.  And yesterday, this:

Warrior Mom

A real-live Warrior Mom tattoo!!!!! People have been telling me for a year or so that they wanted to get one, but this is the first picture I’ve gotten of an actual Warrior Mom tattoo. Thank you, Nicole! You made my day. This is just awesome.