I’m having a hard time focusing today ladies. Spent the weekend in the NC mountains with my children, where the weather was just lovely. Now I’m trying to catch up on email and Twitter. Two great things I want to point out to you today:

The first is an op-ed by PSI coordinator Hajara Kutty, which appeared in Canada’s National Post in response to the current court case that is looking at whether Canada should have a special infanticide defense. She writes about the fact that we could likely avoid this discussion altogether if we just took better care of new mothers. I had been meaning to write about this issue myself, but when I saw Hajara’s piece I knew I didn’t need to. She did an absolutely beautiful job.

The second is a post from Beth Anne at Heir to Blair, writing openly about her psychotic episode while suffering from severe postpartum depression. Experiencing psychosis in any form is a very scary thing, and very few people write about it openly which is understandable given the stigma that exists. But Beth Anne told her story last week, and I’m glad she did.

Also, if you are suffering and need support, come join the PPD Chat today on Twitter at 1pm Eastern. Just use the hashtag #PPDChat.