fighting postpartum depressionHere are the Warrior Moms of the Week, as nominated by the readers of Postpartum Progress …

An absolutely beautiful story in pictures from Kimberly at All Work & No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something about why fighting against postpartum depression is worth it.  Wow.

From my friend Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom, on mental illness and how showing weakness is true strength. Love you, Janice.

Susan from Learned Happiness on putting postpartum depression in its place.

From another friend, Casey at Moosh in Indy (who, by the way, wears the same perfume and flip flops and uses the same shampoo and toothpaste as I do), on being stronger than anything broken inside of you.

From Healing Mutti, a rainy day letter to help you get through the bad days of postpartum depression.  Such a lovely idea.

From Minnesota Joy, guest posting at Motherhood Unadorned, on why she’s not a bad mom even though she had postpartum depression.

From Story Girl, on why, when it comes to being a mom, her love alone is enough.

Oh, and please go send this mama some love.  She had “one of those days”.