6 Dads Tell All About Helping Their Wives Get Through Postpartum Depression

postpartum depressionWhat is a dad to do when his wife is struggling with postpartum depression? When the person he married or is partnered with seems as though she has suddenly become a different person? When a new father has no idea what’s wrong or where to find help?

If you are a new dad whose wife or partner is going through PPD or anxiety, or postpartum OCD or PTSD, then the following stories are just for you.  We know it’s a very confusing and scary time to be a dad, and we wanted you to hear from other dads who’ve been there, too.  Below, they share their experiences and their advice in hopes that it will help you feel less alone.

1. Dads Speak Out on Postpartum Depression: Getting Over the Mountain – Frank C.

2. Dads Speak Out on Postpartum Depression: In Sickness & In Health – Josh B.

3. Dads Speak Out on Postpartum Depression: I Can’t Fix It – Cortney S.

4. Dads Speak Out on Postpartum Depression: The Birth Horror Show – Anonymous

5. Dads Speak Out on Postpartum Depression: Diving In To Help – Rick B.

6. Dads Speak Out on Postpartum Depression: Trying To Understand – Paul M.


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Additional Resources

There’s a good book you might want to consider called The Postpartum Husband. It was written especially for dads and gives all sorts of tips about how to help your wife or partner and yourself as you navigate through the experience of PPD.

Here’s a great video featuring dads talking about the experience from Postpartum Support International.  Also, PSI offers a monthly toll-free chat for fathers who have questions and would like the chance to speak to an expert on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. You are welcome to remain anonymous on these calls if you like.