The wonderful website Black and Married With Kids, created by couple Ronnie and Lamar Tyler, is featuring a 2-part series on postpartum depression written by Christine St. Vil. I wanted you to check out part 1, “Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression: It’s OK To Admit You Need Help.”

One of themes of this story and so many that we have featured here on Postpartum Progress is that of not waiting to get help. So many of us do because we are unsure we have postpartum depression, or are afraid of what might happen if we admit something is wrong, and yet I hear over and over again from survivors that if they could do it all over again (and who would, admittedly, but you know what I mean) they would have asked for help much sooner.

Ask for help now. Talk to someone. Don’t wait. Waiting gets you nothing and only extends your misery.