#meditateonthis We reached over 2 million people with stigma-fighting, truth-telling tweets about postpartum depression, medication, and treatment -postpartumprogress.com

Last night at 6:00 PM, we put out a call to our Warrior Moms and followers. We planned to take to Twitter to discuss the dismissive, stigmatizing, misinformed comments on postpartum depression by New York Times best-selling author Marianne Williamson.

Within minutes, hundreds of moms took to Twitter to share truthful information, statistics, hope, help, and their stories with the hashtag #meditateonthis. By 8:30 we were trending on Twitter.

#meditateonthis was trending by 8:30 PM EST -postpartumprogress.com

For those of us working at Postpartum Progress, last night was a whirlwind of awe. We watched our Warrior Mom Army do what they do. They stood tall and strong and told their truths for the Internet to see. They talked about their medications. They talked about what they did to avoid medication. They told how they used meditation, prayer, yoga, and nutrition to supplement their medication. They shared how their lives were changed by therapy. They admitted to the demons in their head, their scariest times, their hospitalizations. All to destigmatize postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

To say, together, Postpartum Depression IS Real. But it hasn’t beaten me. And you, mama still fighting? You are not alone.

Here are some great tweets from the night.

The tweeting continued late into the night, and when I began writing this post at 9:30 this morning, the numbers spoke for themselves.

#meditateonthis reached 1,529,958 -postpartumprogress.com

Updated to add: These are the numbers as of 3:32 PM on 1/28/16.

We reached over 2 million people with stigma-fighting, truth-telling tweets about postpartum depression, medication, and treatment. -postpartumprogress.com

Yes, you’re reading that properly. 796 people on twitter sent out 6,526 tweets about postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. The messages were delivered to 27,764,462 timelines with a total reach of 2,005,250 people. With absolutely no notice ahead of time, Postpartum Progress’ Warrior Mom community and those that support maternal mental health banded together and reached over TWO million people with stigma-breaking, truth-telling tweets.

You did great work last night, Warrior Moms. Take some time to feel proud of yourselves for the work you did in promoting maternal mental health in a positive light. Thank those in your life who may not suffer from PPD or other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders but took time to retweet and share your messages last night.

Additionally, moms are writing their stories today. We’ll be updating the post with their personal blog responses: