Northside Title SponsorEditor’s Note: We sat down with Dr. Diane Wulfsohn, clinical psychologist at Atlanta’s Northside Hospital to learn more about the hospital’s maternity services and commitment to educating their expectant families about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like PPD. We are grateful for their sponsorship of our 2016 Warrior Mom® Conference and look forward to seeing Dr. Wulfsohn in person in October.


The Warrior Mom® Conference is proud to introduce Northside Hospital as a 2016 title sponsor. One of our guiding beliefs at Postpartum Progress is that “perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are a women’s health and a children’s health issue.” Northside Hospital’s commitment to all aspects of women’s health care makes the partnership between their organization and Postpartum Progress a natural fit.

While women’s healthcare in all aspects is one of Northside Hospital’s leading services, they are most well-known for their outstanding maternity and infant care, including a 34-bed high-risk pregnancy unit and a Level III NICU.

For more than a generation, Northside Hospital has been Atlanta’s leading maternity care provider, delivering more babies per year than any other community hospital nationwide. (About 15,000 a year at their main campus in Sandy Springs! That’s a LOT of babies!)

With so many new moms coming through their doors every year, Northside Hospital is dedicated to ensuring both moms and babies get the best pre- and postnatal care available, which includes making sure moms are informed about postpartum depression and its effects on new mothers and families.

Through a vast array of childbirth education materials, including classes available in-person and online, moms are introduced to the symptoms of postpartum depression, made aware of the risk factors, and assured that the illness can be overcome.

Moms who are identified as at-risk while in the hospital, either by nurses noticing signs of postpartum mood disorders, concerned partners, or by patients self-identifying and requesting help, are visited by staff members in the Behavioral Health Services department. Those visits are free of charge for moms.

Northside Hospital, through the Behavioral Health Services department, offers screening and treatment for postpartum depression. Services at the Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic are offered on a sliding scale for those who may need financial assistance while trying to get better.

We are thankful for Northside’s support of new moms, babies, families, and the Warrior Mom® Conference. Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of mothers battling postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.
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