Todaykicks offthe 2nd official Blog Day for the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERs Act. This year's event is being led by Lauren Hale over at Sharing the Journey, and she has actually turned it into Blog WEEK for the MOTHERs Act to ensure that everyone has the chance to participate.

If you don't have a blog you can join in on Facebook or Twitter about it. If you do have a blog and decide to participate, make sure to use the tag "Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act" and to leave a comment here so that Lauren knows you've joined in. MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure you and your readers email Susan Stone at to add your nameto the growing list of people supporting this much-needed legislation. Be sure to include your name and state in the email.

Here are some other bloggers already weighing in today: Perinatal Pro, Sharing the Journey — Lauren's interview with Mary Jo Codey, Ivy's PPD Blog, The Postpartum Stress Center, Motherscribe, Minnesota Madre, Just Gliding Along, Binsi Blog, WellPostpartum, Mommies with Cents, There She Grows, PPD in Paradise, Stumbling Barefootand Beyond Blue

When I led the first blog day for the MOTHERs Act in 2007, I didn't think we'd need a second one. Yet here we are. I'm frustrated that Congress continues to string mothers along, playing politics while women and their families suffer needlessly. This is not a game, dear Senators. We need you to act, just as the House of Representatives did thanks to the leadership of Carol Blocker and Rep. Bobby Rush. (If you'd like to read the text of the bill, click here.)

Here's a list ofsome ofthe supportive and courageous moms who support the MOTHERs Act from the 2007 Blog Day — click the links to read some of their amazing stories and find inspiration: Beyond Blue, The Well Mom, Flamingo House Happenings, Parentopia, Unexpected Blessing, The Silent I, The Chronicles of Munchkin Land, BlogHer, The Maha Blog, Pundit Mom, Fertility Stories, Kari's Couch, Stella Family Update, Ask Moxie, Long Noodle, You Shall Above All, Been There, Empty Wound Hopeful Heart, Go-Go Mommy, We All Fall Down, DC Metro Moms Blog, The Hatfields, Birth-First Parent Blog, 5 Resolutions, Viva La Feminista, Chicago Moms Blog, The Gus Stop, Spin Me I Pulsate, Welcome to My Brain, Maternally Challenged, Earth Change, Postpartum Mental Illness Yahoo! Group, SoCal Mom, My Life With Mr. Rogers, All of My Days, Life Outside the Box, The Integrated Mother, The Mummy Chronicles, Shelly Says, Boogiemum, Mom of 3 Girls, Life After Baby, Healthy Concerns, Pop Consumer, Ruta Nonacs: A Deeper Shade of Blue, Surfette, Growing A Life, Central Sanity, ShortWoman, Women 4 Hope, The Dana Files, Center for Women's Mental Health Blog, martinimade, This Full House, Motherscribe, Don't Try This At Home, Not Calm (dot com), Boston Mamas, Work It, Mom!, PPD Survivor, The Fish Pond, Sofia's Diary, The Online PPD Support Group, Ask Dr. Manny (FOX), Amazing Instant, Surrender, Dorothy, Silicon Valley Moms Blog, Sarah and the Goon Squad!, Strollerderby, Is America Burning, Moms Speak Up, Babylune, Strollerderby: Armchair Activism, The Postpartum Stress Center, MamasInk, Marriage, Stillbirth & Infant Loss Blog Directory, Tough Like A Creampuff, Vevz, My Om Page, Mountain Momma, My Scrapbook Life, The Political Voices of Women, The Toddler Reality Show, The Huffington Post, Roc Rebel Granny, Renton Kidspot, MacEwan, O for Obsessive, Pretty Babies, Odd Time Signatures, Mom's Tinfoil Hat, A Girl's Gotta Spa, Claire Bear, Not That I Don't Love My Kids, Silicon Valley Moms Blog: Beth B, Silicon Valley Moms Blog: Mommaof1, Skeet's Stuff, ifferjen's blog, Tumble Dry, Coping With Life (follow up story), A Mile in My Berks, Nickie's Nook, Do the Yak, Mrs. Flinger, Club Mom: Mom's Daily Dose, Amerimama, Deep Muck Big Rake, Blondie At the Bar, Screamy Thing, VDog and Little Man, A Piece of My Mind, hip Mama, LaurieWrites, The Happy Geek, Wendy's Thoughts About Anything and Everything, The Daily Court, Missives from Suburbia, Trenches of Mommyhood, Daring Young Mom, Kovixen, I Hate Snaps, Minivan Bohemian, A Daughter's Touch, Managing Life Transitions, Coping With Life, So Sioux Me, Dawn's Recipes