Massachusetts General Hospital's Center for Women's MentalHealthis conducting two clinical trials that may be of interest:

Bipolar Disorder in Pregnancy: If you are pregnant and diagnosed with bipolar disorder (or manic depression), you may be eligible for this research study. Participants meet with research coordinators and psychiatrists who specialize in bipolar illness during pregnancy. For more information, contact Rachel at 617-726-2912 or

Escitalopram (Lexapro) for the Treatment of Postpartum Depression: If you are between the ages of 18 and 45 , gave birth within the past 6 months, began to feel depressed and anxious within 3 months of giving birth, are not currently taking an antidepressant and are not breastfeeding, you may be eligible for a research study evaluating how an FDA-approved antidepressant helps treat depression after childbirth. Women who participate will receive study medication and evaluations of their mood at no cost, and will be compensated up to $150 over the course of the 8-week study. For information, call 617-724-6989 or email

Here are some other clinical trialsin which you may be eligible to participate:

Effectiveness of Sertraline Alone and Interpersonal Psychotherapy Alone in Treating Postpartum Depression (Iowa and Rhode Island)

The Role of Hormones in Postpartum Mood Disorders (DC area)

Identification and Therapy of Postpartum Depression (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area)

Clinical Trial of Estrogen for Postpartum Depression (Washington DC area)

Effectiveness of a Web-Based Prevention Program for Postpartum Depression (San Francisco area)

Does Fish Oil Prevent Depression in Pregnancy and Postpartum (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Perinatal Depression Treatment in a Pediatric Setting (Rochester, NY)

Translating Research into Practice for Postpartum Depression (Rochester, Minnesota)

Depression Prevention for Women on Public Assistance (Rhode Island)

A Comparison of Antidepressant Treatment on Women With and Without Postpartum Onset of Major Depressive Disorder (New Haven, Connecticut)