Warrior Mom Conference Speaker Submissions Now Open

We’re looking for YOU…

…to submit a speaker/presenter application for the 2016 Warrior Mom™ Conference happening in Atlanta next October 14-15. That’s right. We’re looking for you.

We’re looking for speakers who want to use their knowledge and passion to help moms with perinatal mood disorders. We’re looking for mothers who have been there, done that, and don’t want other moms to suffer needlessly. We’re looking for superstar fundraisers who want to teach others how to raise money. We’re looking for social media experts to teach our Warrior Moms how reach the most people possible. We’re looking for amazing storytellers who want to help others tell their stories. We’re looking for someone to teach us all about self-care and about how to recover from recovery. We want to learn how to spot PMADs and to learn more about diagnosing them. We need to learn from someone about why diversity and cultural competence matter in these discussions and how we can best reach underserved moms.

We’re looking for you.

Whether you want to throw together a panel, speak by yourself, or run a workshop, we’ve got a format for that. We’ve got two days worth of conference timing to fill, and your idea could be the one that makes all the difference—not just for attendees, but for the moms they will help in their communities.

The Warrior Mom™ Conference will be based on Postpartum Progress’ mission, which is to:

…create healthier families by raising awareness, reducing stigma, providing social support and connecting mothers to help for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression.

Topics will also support or theme for the year: Together, Stronger.

And, of course, you, because with you, we are together, stronger. Our peer-to-peer organization includes you, your experience, and your desire to help others. So go ahead and get your application together. The deadline to submit is January 31, 2016. We look forward to seeing what you can bring to this conference.

(Note: If you’re just inspired to attend now, get your ticket soon! They’re selling fast!)