Join Us for a Climb Out of the Darkness Facebook Live Event #climbout

One Month Until Climb Out of the Darkness!

You guys. Climb Out of the Darkness is 32 days away. Which means on Wednesday, May 18, the Climb will be ONE MONTH AWAY. ONE. MONTH. As Postpartum Progress Staff, we are so excited to watch the numbers climb as you continue to fundraise, sign up family members and friends to Climb with you, and generate excitement all over the web for your event.

We’re so proud of you. We want to celebrate how much good we’ve done already. As of right now, we’re sitting at $151,800 raised by YOU. We still have about 39% left to reach our goal of $250,000 for this year’s Climb Out of the Darkness, so it’s time to get motivated!

To help things along in that endeavor, we decided we’d host a Facebook Live event on the Postpartum Progress Facebook Page this Wednesday, May 18, 2016 which is exactly one month before the majority of Climbs will take place. (Please check the info with your local Climb Leader as there are a number of Climbs taking place on days in and around the Official Climb.)

We’re going to talk about how there’s still time to sign up (find a Climb near you). There’s also still time to fundraise and donate for Climb Out of the Darkness. If you’re struggling with how to ask or whom to ask, we’ll give you a few clues as to what and whom to ask. With 30 days left, you also have time to raise money on your own with unique ideas to donate to your own fundraiser. (Or, your kids can! Lawns need mowing already. Just sayin’.)

You Can Still Earn Your Climb Out of the Darkness Shirt!

And, with today’s announcement that you have until Wednesday, May 18 to raise $100 via your fundraiser to earn the official Climb Out of Darkness shirt, you may want to send some emails, post some things on social media, and get in gear before our Facebook Live event on Wednesday. Get that shirt! You know you want it!

How to Join the Climb Out of the Darkness Facebook Event

If you’ve never participated in Facebook Live event before, you simply have to visit the Postpartum Progress Facebook Page to view the live video of Katherine talking. You can like it and leave comments that we’ll be able to address while she’s on air. So if you have Climb questions or are just REALLY EXCITED about your Climb, be sure to tune in at noon on Wednesday.

If you miss the Live aspect of it, the video itself will live on our Facebook page for you to view at any time. We’ll be sure to link it when we’re done. We plan on using this more often to engage with our Warrior Moms, so we’re excited to use it to talk more about our upcoming, annual Climb Out of the Darkness and what you can do to get more involved before next month.

We’ll see you there!