Recently I was surprised to receive a complaint about coverage of infanticide and postpartum psychosis here on Postpartum Progress.

The gist of the complaint was that we’re not giving enough support to moms who have had postpartum psychosis or those who have committed infanticide or suicide, or that Postpartum Progress somehow treats them differently or separately from those who’ve had PPD.  I hate to hear this, because of course we care about ALL mothers who have suffered or are struggling with ANY perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, including postpartum psychosis of course. Truly. So, I wanted to share some of the things we’ve written about the topic, and also to invite feedback from our readers.

Below is a list of some of the stories we’ve done about postpartum psychosis in case you’d like to read them/have access to them. If you haven’t been able to find them via the search function, I’m not surprised, because our search function totally sucks and I need to get a different one for this blog.

Please let us know, meantime, what specific topics or issues around postpartum psychosis or infanticide that you’d like us to address.